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Elected Town Officials

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First Selectman

Julia Pemberton

(D) 11/21/17 – 11/19/19


Margaret L. (Peg) O’Donnell (D)  11/21/17-11/19/19
Michael Thompson (R)  11/21/17-11/19/19


Tax Collector

Patricia J. Moisio (R)   11/21/17-11/19/19

Town Clerk

Michele R. Grande (D)  01/01/18-01/06/20
Kerry Miserendino, Deputy (Appointed)  01/01/18-01/06/20

Board of Assessment Appeals

Greg E. Stackpole (R) Ch

Margaret B. Esten (D)

Frederick (Rick) V. Miller, Jr. (R)

Alternates (appointed)
Joanne L. Perlman (D)

2 Vacancies (R)

Board of Finance

Kimberly A. Yonkers (D), Chairman

Ward J. Mazzucco (R), Vice Chairman

Jamie Barickman (D)

Susan Clark (U)

Robert Dean (D)

Edward Miller (D)






Term runs from  11/21/17-11/19/19

Annet Bonfanti (D)
Mary Ann Carman
William R. Cook (R)
Urs B. Furrer (R)
Charles P. Mullaney (D)
Jane M. Ross (D)
Leif R. Smith (G)

Planning Commission

Meetings – Second & fourth Tuesday of month, 8 p.m. Old Town House

Toby S.Welles (D) (Acting Chair)  11/21/17-11/16/21
Anda E. Cumings (R)  11/21/17-11/16/21
Steven Gagnon (R) 11/21/17-11/16/21
Laura Hoeing (R)  10/18/16-11/19/19
Nancy E. King (D)  11/17/15-11/19/19

Alternates (Appointed)
James E. Bacon (R) 09/18/17-02/01/21
Clairann Matzke (R) 02/14/17-02/01/21
Regina O’Brien (D)  02/01/17- 02/01/21

Probate Judge for Northern Fairfield County

The Honorable Daniel W. O’Grady (R)   11/08/16-01/09/19

Redding Board of Education

Meetings – First Tuesday of month (or as posted), 7:30 p.m. John Read Middle School

Melinda L. Irwin (D), Ch.   11/17/15 – 11/19/19
Michael Hoffman (R) V.Ch. 11/17/15 – 11/19/19
Laura A. Hoeing (R) 11/21/17-11/16/21
Colleen Pilato (D) 11/21/17-11/16/21
John Reilly (R) 11/21/17-11/16/21
Heather Whaley (D) 11/21/17-11/16/21

Vacancy 11/19/19

Regional District #9 Board of Education


Meetings – Third Tuesday of month (or as posted), 7:30 p.m., Joel Barlow High School

Mike D’Agostino (D)
Cheryl Graziano (D)
J. Christopher Hocker (R)
Gwen Denny (D)


Registrars of Voters

Joanne L. Perlman (D)    01/04/17-1/09/19
Amy F. Alcott (R)  01/04/17-1/09/19

Deputy Registrars of Voters (Appointed)

Mary Beth Gilbert (D) 01/04/17-1/09/19
Laura Hoeing (R)  01/04/17-1/09/19



W. Wesley Higgins (U) 11/21/17-11/19/19

Zoning Board of Appeals

Meetings – Third Tuesday of month, 7:30 p.m. Town Hall

Elizabeth F. Williams (D) Chairman   11/17/15-11/19/19
Jill H. Cilo (R) 11/21/17-11/16/21
Noel R. Cooke (R)   06/13/16-11/19/19
R. Bruce Given (R)   11/17/15-11/19/19
Scott Smith (D)   11/21/17-11/16/21

Daniel W. Barrett (D) 11/21/17-11/16/21
Chuck Cilo (R) 11/21/17-11/16/21
Trevor Ernst Furrer (R)  11/21/17-11/16/21


Zoning Commission

Meetings – Second & fourth Wednesday of month, 7:30 p.m. Town Hall
Gerald L. Casiello (R) Ch.  11/17/15 – 11/19/19
Amy L. Atamian (D)   11/21/17-11/16/21
Matthew Lecher (R)  11/17/15 – 11/19/19
Theodore S. Ogonek (R)   11/21/17-11/16/21
Paul R. Scholl (D)  11/17/15 – 11/19/19

Alternates (appointed by the Board of Selectmen)
Gary Miyashiro (R)  02//01/16-02/01/20
William Whitehead, Jr. (D) 02/01/16-02/01/20

Upcoming Events

Wed 13
Wed 13

Zoning Commission

December 13 @ 7:30 pm
Town Hall Hearing Room
100 Hill Road