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Agendas & Minutes

To find an Agenda or Minutes of a meeting, use the search filters below. Data has been entered for meetings from 2013 to the present. To view agendas or minutes for meetings before 2013, please visit the Town Clerk’s office in Town Hall, where the originals are on file.

The electronic versions of the Agendas and Minutes documents on this website are provided as a courtesy, however, the accuracy of the online information is not guaranteed. To confirm the information, please request a copy of the original from the Town Clerk.

Region 9 Board of Education and Committee Meeting Agendas and Minutes can be found here
Town of Redding Board of Education  and Committee Meeting Agendas and Minutes can be found here

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Latest Meetings

10/25/2017 7:30pm Zoning Commission
10/24/2017 7:30pm Planning Commission
10/24/2017 7:00pm Board of Selectmen Special Meeting
10/23/2017 7:30pm Board of Finance
10/19/2017 7:30pm Historic Review Committee
10/18/2017 7:30pm Water Pollution Control Commission
10/17/2017 7:30pm Conservation Commission Conservation Commission
10/17/2017 7:30pm Region 9 Board of Education
10/17/2017 7:30pm Zoning Board of Appeals-Cancelled Zoning Board of Appeals-Cancelled
10/17/2017 6:00pm Redding Board of Education Special Meeting Redding Board of Education
10/16/2017 7:30pm Board of Selectmen Board of Selectmen
10/11/2017 7:30pm Zoning Commission-Cancelled Zoning Commission-Cancelled
10/10/2017 7:30pm Planning Commission
10/10/2017 7:30pm Planning Commission-Cancelled Planning Commission-Cancelled
10/10/2017 11:00am Georgetown Special Taxing District Georgetown Special Taxing District
10/05/2017 7:30pm Historic Review Committee-Cancelled Historic Review Committee-Cancelled
10/05/2017 5:00pm Long Range Financial Planning Committee
10/04/2017 9:00am Commission on Aging Commission on Aging
10/03/2017 7:30pm Conservation Commission Conservation Commission
10/03/2017 7:30pm Redding Board of Education