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Mark Twain Library Reopens Monday!

Dear Neighbors,

The heat is on! And on Monday, January 15th we will celebrate with some warm treats. Please join us for hot beverages and yummy goodies as we reopen the library.

The library will remain open until 8 pm Monday through Thursday next week, for students who want to study here.

As we have chronicled before, on January 2nd, the year 2018 started with a bang that was our boiler exploding. In the past 10 days a lot has happened. But the best news is that our new furnace is now up and running and heat is returning to the building. The board and staff are counting our lucky stars, because we escaped the further damage that would have been caused by frozen pipes and leaks. As you might imagine the library plunged into a deep freeze during the coldest weather on record. Amidst frigid conditions we all engaged in protecting the building and collections. Our precautionary actions included renting large propane heat blowers, covering the collections and electronic equipment with 600 feet of plastic sheeting and adding hundreds of gallons of glycol to our domestic plumbing and HVAC pipes to keep them from freezing.

While we knew the need to replace the furnace was on the horizon, fate intervened a little bit sooner than planned. Many neighbors have asked about fines and overdue material. We will of course forgive all fines, but hope you might be willing to contribute to our “Furnace Fund.” We now face the burden of a larger than anticipated expense.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we get back to normal. And thank you to the many community members who quickly stepped up to help and support us with their professional expertise. Redding is an amazing community that we are so happy to be in the heart of at all times.

Beth Dominianni
Library Director

Jen Wastrom
President, Board of Trustees