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Travel Camp: Weeks 1-6
July 5 – August 12

Camp Director – Sarah Ewud (A.K.A. Mrs. E.)
Fee:  $385 per week (weeks 2, 4, 5,6)
Fee: $445 (weeks 1, 3)

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Travel Camp Letter for Parents & Campers
Travel Camp Letter for Parents & Campers Week 1 (overnight trip)
Travel Camp Letter for Parents & Campers Week 3 (overnight trip)

A general itinerary for each week is under each week category:
Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3Week 4 | Week 5  |Week 6

ALL waiver forms are available at the bottom of this page. 

Travel Camp – Summer Tour 2016

We are back in full force this summer with five action packed weeks July 5th through August 12th!  Grab your friends and come along for the ride. This camp is different from our regular camp because participants are on the move to a different location every day. Hours for camp vary depending upon the trip scheduled for the day. The day typically starts at 8:30 or 9:00 a.m. Return times vary.  We get back past 4:00 pm on most days so if your camper plays Travel Sports please be advised.  This camp runs in six one week sessions.


Travel Camp travels to several crowded places each day. Campers are responsible for following directions, staying with their group, keeping track of their belongings, acting appropriately at all times and having respect for others and their belongings. Any camper who does not follow the rules may be dismissed from camp. If you are looking for a program that will offer you a different experience each day and a lot of fun then this is the one for you!

Specific week schedules are loosely planned as of now, and are always subject to change. Look for updates on the Park and Recreation website at the end of April. Weather related changes may have to be made last minute, so please be prepared and understanding.  Due to the camp being limited to 40 participants, you should sign up as soon as possible because every week is great and they will sell out!

Sibling Discount – 10% off of SAME week of the same camp.  This discount is only valid for our Day Camp and Travel Camp.

Travel camp is open to the following grades:

Week 1  grades 6-10
Week 2  grades 5-10
Week 3  grades 6-10
Week 4  grades 5-10
Week 5  grades 5-10
Week 6 grades 5-10

Click Here for Summer Tour 2015 Poster (Coming Soon)
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Week One:  $445  July 5 – 8 Detailed Itinerary  ]

Mon. 7/4:  No Camp
Tues. 7/5:  Topstone Park “Chill Day”
Weds.7/6: Great Escape Lodge, Lake George, NY (Lake George Overnight Letter)
Thurs. 7/7:Great Escape Lodge, Lake George NY
Fri. 7/8:   Great Escape Lodge, Lake George, NY

Week Two:  $385    July 11 – 15 [ Detailed Itinerary]
Mon. 7/11: Jennings Beach, Fairfield, CT
Tues. 7/12: Six Flags New England, Agawam, MA
Weds. 7/13: NY Liberty Basketball/Broadway “Something Rotten”
Thurs. 7/14: Mountain Creek Waterpark, Vernon, NJ
Fri. 7/15: Brownstone Exploration Park, Portland, CT

Week Three:  $445  July 18 – 22 (Grades 6-10 only: Detailed Itinerary)

Mon. 7/18: Wolfe Park, Monroe, CT
Tues. 7/19: White Water Rafting, PA (Overnight Letter to Parents Week 3) (waiver required)
Weds. 7/20: Camelback Beach, Tannersville, PA
Thurs. 7/21: Yankee Stadium/Yankees vs. Orioles
Fri. 7/22: Lake Compounce, Bristol, CT

Week Four: $385  July 25 – July 29 (Detailed Itinerary)
Mon. 7/25: Jennings Beach, Fairfield, CT
Tues. 7/28: Brownstone Exploration Park, Portland, CT
Weds. 7/29: Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, NJ
Thurs. 7/30: Citifield/Mets vs. Rockies
Fri. 7/31: Bronx Zoo, Bronx, NY

Week Five:  $385  August 1 – 5 (Detailed Itinerary)
Mon. 8/1: Wolfe Park, Monroe, CT
Tues. 8/2: Six Flags New England, Agawam, MA
Weds. 8/3: Mountain Creek Waterpark, Vernon, NJ
Thurs. 8/4: THE BEAST Speedboat Ride/TBA NYC
Fri. 8/5: New Roc City, New Rochelle, NY

Week Six:  $385  August 8 – 12 (Detailed Itinerary)
Mon. 8/8: Ocean Beach, New London, CT
Tues. 8/9: Medieval Times, Lyndhurst, NJ
Weds. 8/10: Brownstone Exploration Park, Portland, CT
Thurs. 8/11: Madame Tussauds/”THE TOUR” interactive bus ride NYC
Fri. 8/12: Lake Compounce, Bristol, CT
Fri. 8/5: New Roc City, New Rochelle, NY


Brownstone Waiver – Park Release  Weeks 2, 4, 6
Whitewater Rafting Waiver  Week 3
Overnight Travel Camp Letter & Behavior Agreement

** All events are tentative and subject to change.