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Seeking Candidate for Democratic Deputy Registrar of Voters

Seeking Candidate for Deputy Registrar of Voters

Duties include, but are not limited to:

-Processing voter registrations via the mail and online system;

-Filing registration cards;

-Answering emails and phone calls;

-Learning state statutes governing elections, referendums and voter registration;

-Attending registrar training course required by the Secretary of the State;

-Attending registrar conferences;

-Assisting in conducting annual canvass;

-Managing elections and referendums; and

-Maintaining the registrar’s office.

Candidate must be a registered Democrat.  Average of 5-7 hours per week with increased hours just prior to referendums and elections.  Referendum and election days are mandatory.  This is an appointment made by the Registrar of Voters. Salary is on an hourly basis.

Contact Meghan Ely, Democratic Registrar of Voters for more information.

Phone:  203-938-5012


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