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Region 9 Board of Education

The Region 9 Board of Education serves Joel Barlow High School, a regional school for students in grades 9-12 from Redding and Easton.

Regional District 9 was formed in 1957 to operate the high school. The Region 9 Board of Education serves as the Board of Finance for the district. Members review, amend, and adopt an educational budget that must be submitted to a public hearing at least two weeks prior to the Annual District Meeting.  The Region 9 Annual District Meeting, which is held on the first Monday in May, is the equivalent of a Town Meeting at which voters of the District can approve the school budget. Many years ago, this was the method used for approving the Region 9 Budget .

In recent years, the Board has voted to send the budget to referendum in their respective towns. If the board does not vote to send the budget to referendum, as was the case in years past, citizens can petition for a referendum. If the voters reject the budget, the Regional Board must submit a revised budget for referendum every two weeks until the voters approve the budget.

Once the voters in Redding and Easton approve the Region 9 budget, the figure is incorporated into the budget of each town. The allocation is determined by the percentage of students from each town enrolled in the high school the previous year.


There are eight members of the Board, four from each town.  Vacancies for Redding members are filled by the Board of Selectmen. This temporary term must be permanently filled at the next Biennial Election.



Meetings are held on the third or fourth Tuesday of the month (or as posted), at 7:30 p.m., at Joel Barlow High School.

View the Calendar here.

Meeting agendas and minutes are available on the Region 9 Board of Education Web Site


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