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National Historic Register Properties

Umpawaug School House, Aaron Barlow House, Daniel and Esther Bartlett House and Putnam Memorial State Park

National Register Historic Districts

Redding Center National Register Historic District

Designated on October 1, 1992, the Redding Center District covers approximately 55 contiguous acres in and around Redding Center. There are 39 contributing resources with the periods of significance dating from 1767-1929.

Click here to read Redding Center’s National Historic Register booklet.

Georgetown National Register Historic District

Designated on January 21, 1987, the Georgetown Historic District is partly in Redding and partly in Wilton. When it was designated the district included 123 contributing resources, several of which have recently been demolished as part of the Georgetown Redevelopment Project. The periods of significance for this District date from 1820-1936.


The National Register of Historic Places and The State Register of Historic Places are non restrictive, honorary designations that highlight those structures or properties that are deemed significant to National or State history. This designation trips mandated review by federal or state funded or licensed agencies such as major Utility and Highway projects. These listing are under the aegis of, and managed by The State Historic Preservation Office. Listing on the Registers may also provide eligibility for property owners for federal or state aid grants or tax credits. No property can be listed without the property owners consent. These designations do not prevent a structure from being torn down.

Listing on the States Historic Resource Inventory is a preliminary requirement for the above designations. 230 historic structures in Redding are currently listed on this inventory and there is an ongoing project to document historic out-buildings. There are many other pre-1900 houses and sites in Redding that are not currently listed. These listings do not require property owners consent.

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To proceed with placing a historic easements contact: or call 203 938 2002

Sanford Barlow House
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