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Agenda for Board of Selectmen, 10/21/2013

Minutes: Board of Selectmen

RECEIVED 10/17/2013 5:12pm
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk


Executive Session to interview candidates for the position of Zoning Enforcement Officer

Public Session – 7:30pm
1. Approval of Minutes from September 16 and September 23, 2013

2. Mark Twain Library – Financial Review and Planning

3. Park and Recreation request for STEAP Grant transfer to Region 9 Board of Education

4. Administrative Matters
a) Parade Path sign request
b) Park and Recreation appointment: Caroline Hunter
c) Final Topstone Park Leash Ordinance
d) Town Meeting notification survey results
e) (1714-2014) Committee
f) Other

5. Public Comment
Executive Session to discuss candidates for ZEO position