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Agenda for Conservation Commission, 01/07/2020

Minutes: Conservation Commission

RECEIVED 01/02/2020 11:45am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk


January 7, 2020
7:30 p.m. – Old Town House
23 Cross Highway


Minutes – December 3, 2019
Meeting of December 17, 2019 Cancelled
Site Minutes, 12/15/19 – Tara & Scott Karlson, 10 Diamond Hill Road


Application #19-08, Ed and Christina Larkin, 68 Wood Road. Received 11/19/19. Discussion and possible vote on an application for brush clearing within the regulated area. Site Walk 11/24/19. Discussion 12/03/19.

Application #19-09. Tara and Scott J. Karlson, 10 Diamond Hill Road. Received 12/03/19. To discuss an application re clearing and filling done in an area that is within the review area of a watercourse, and possibly also within wetlands. Site Walk 12/15/19.

Application #19-10, Robert and Sarah Schildt (owner), Juliano’s Pools (agent), 8 Church Hill Lane. To receive and discuss an application to install a new in-ground pool with safety fence.

Application #19-11, Paul Rutkowski (owner), Nazzaro, Inc., Gene (agent), 60 Diamond Hill Road. To receive and discuss an application for pond restoration.

Notice of Violation issued for property located at 123 Sunset Hill Road, Garry Avery and Elizabeth Xavier. Discussion re work being done in an area both within the regulated area of wetlands and within wetlands and a watercourse.

Permit #10-27, Linda Rachele Burke, 207 Lonetown Road. Request to extend/renew Permit.