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Agenda for Conservation Commission, 01/06/2015

Minutes: Conservation Commission

RECEIVED 12/31/2014 9:04am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk


I. APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Minutes of December 16, 2014
Minutes of Site Inspection 12/20/14
• Alice McNulty, 76 Peaceable Street


Application #14-18, Old Stone Estates (owner), P.W. Scott (agent), 12 Marchant Road and 55 Chestnut Wood Road. Received 12/02/14. Discussion and possible vote on an application for regulated activities associated with a proposed 14-lot subdivision. Site Walk 12/07/14.

Application #14-19, Alice McNulty (owner), Nazzaro, Inc. (agent), 76 Peaceable Street. Receive 12/16/14. Discussion and possible vote on an application to restore pond to original depth and shape. Site Walk 12/20/14.

Application #14-20, Mary Maroun (owner), Gregory J. Maroon (agent), 42 Meeker Hill Road. To receive and discuss an application for construction of an addition to residence within the regulated area.

Application #14-21, Eric and Ritu Duenwald, 45 High Ridge Road. To replace existing deck within the regulated area.

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mirowski, 162 Sunset Hill Road. To discuss letter from Aimee Pardee, Zoning/Conservation Enforcement Officer, that the existing fence is within the Conservation Easement area and must be removed, the area returned to its natural state, and pasturing of horses within this area may not continue. Discussion 11/18/14; 12/02/14.

Application/Violation #12-02V, Ms. Pamela Davis (owner), Peter Davis (agent), 724 Redding Road. Earthmoving and disposition of woodchips, split wood, cut logs and branches in and around wetland soils to establish property line (border) from wetlands. Discussion 7/01/14; 11/18/14.