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Agenda for Conservation Commission, 05/19/2015

Minutes: Conservation Commission

RECEIVED 05/14/2015 11:58am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

I.   APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Minutes of May 5, 2015
Site Walk Minutes 5/11/15 – B. McGuinness, 36 Chestnut Woods Road.


Application #15-03, Brian J. McGuinness (owner), 36 Chestnut Woods Road. Received 5/05/15. Discussion and possible vote on an application for construction of a new barn, driveway, well and septic and new pool house within the regulated area. Site Walk 5/11/15.

Application #15-04, Steven Younes (owner), Michael Fortuna (agent), 78 George Hull Hill Road. To receive and discuss an application for a tennis court within the regulated area.

Application #15-05, Ruth Oratz and Albert Knapp (owners), Regina O’Brien (agent), 267 Newtown Turnpike. To receive and discuss an application to install a deer fence through wetland area and across the Little River.