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Agenda for Park and Recreation Commission, 10/27/2014

Minutes: Park and Recreation Commission

RECEIVED 10/23/2014 8:30pm
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk


1. Director’s Report – Questions/Approval (Rob)
2. Letters or Correspondence
3. Public comment
(5 min. period divided evenly among any participants attending; please limit comments to 2 minutes maximum. Period may be extended by unanimous vote of Commission.)
4. Previous Old Business – (Brochures – Carolyn; BofS Mtg. – Paul)
5. Athletic Fields’ Initiative – Planning & Fundraising – (Paul/Jan)
6. Topstone Park :

  • Leash Ordinance Status Report – (Rob)
  • Trail Planning & Restoration – (Paul/Rob)
  • Topstone Park Survey (Final Summary)– (John/Rob)

7. RCC Bldgs: Gym storage -indoor & Equipment storage-outdoor – Status (Rob)
8. Budget Planning – Status (Rob/Scott)
9. Teen Center – Youth Services – Status & Next Steps (John/Vanessa)
10. Additional New Business
12. Supplemental public comment (if needed)
(5 min. period divided evenly among any participants attending, as above)

Adjournment – no later than 9:30pm
(If meeting discussion is ongoing at 9:30p.m., a motion for adjournment will “table” discussion topic until next meeting, unless a unanimous motion is approved by the Commission for 30 minute extension or scheduling of a “special” future meeting session.)