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Agenda for Planning Commission, 01/27/2015

Minutes: Planning Commission

RECEIVED 01/22/2015 3:01pm
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk


I. APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Meeting of 1/13/15
Site Walk Minutes 1/11/15 – Old Stone Estates, 12 Marchant Road
1/13/15 – Old Stone Estates, 12 Marchant Road

Subdivision Application #525, 12 Marchant Road and 55 Chestnut Woods Road, Old Stone Estates, LLC (owner), P.W. Scott Engineering & Architecture, PC (agent). Proposed subdivision of 65.60 acres into 14 lots. Received 12/09/14. Presentation 1/13/15. Site Walks 1/11/15 and 1/13/15.

1. Referral from Selectmen. Per C.G.S. 8-23 municipal improvements. Request from Police Dept. to erect a replacement Communication tower at the same location as the present one but with a height increase of approximately 40 ft.
2. Section 4.5 rewritten by Milone & MacBroom. To review for vote.
3. Scenic Road Monitoring since last review. Discussion of increased size of stop signs and red paint on posts.
4. Controls for Land Clearing.
5. Referral from Zoning, Stephanie Gregory, 34 Goodsell Road. Request for Special Use Permit for a detached residential apartment. Public Hearing 2/11/15. TO VOTE.
6. Referral from Zoning, Redding Ridge Fire Dept., 186 Black Rock Tpke. Request for Limited Duration Special Use Permit for Special Event on 6/21/15. Public Hearing 2/11/15. TO VOTE
7. Per C.G.S. 8-26c (c): Vote to file notice in the land records that Application #505 expired on 1/10/15 per P.A. 11-5 Psince the applicant failed to complete all work approved by the subdivision, unless the Planning Commission receives a report from Milone & MacBroom by 4/1/15 that all work required for the approval has been completed.

1. Reference App’l #505, Lot 3, 16 Costa Lane. Petra Koegel, owner,
ZBA approved location of dog kennel and shed outside the Zoning setbacks. Location approved by Planning. To submit a map showing the adjusted Building Construction Restriction Line. 6/05/14 Petra to contact engineer.
2. Town Plan of Conservation & Development. Discuss recommendations for action.
3. Sight Line Regulations. Discussion with Zoning, Police Chief, Highway Superintendent.
4. Jose Goncalves, App’l #506, Lot 2, 220 Umpawaug Road. Request to enlarge Building Construction & Restriction Line a short distance. Need map showing new line.
5. 63 Umpawaug Road, Ed Kilian. Request to reconstruct stone wall on a Scenic Road.