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Agenda for Planning Commission, 10/25/2016

Minutes: Planning Commission

RECEIVED 10/20/2016 11:45am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Redding Planning Commission
Redding Center, Connecticut 06875-1028
Tuesday, October 25, 2016
Old Town House
7:30 P.M.

I. APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Meeting of 9/27/16; Meeting of 10/11/16 Cancelled

1. Welcome New Member.
2. ROLI – Presentation re their history and current functions.
3. Town Plan of Conservation & Development 2008.
• Report from the Chairmen of Chapters Two, Five, Seven, and Nine to discuss recommendations to be pursued currently.
• John Hayes update on the progress of the 2018 Plan.
4. Scenic Road Monitoring.
• Lee Lane: Report on Repaving.
• Remainder Roads by volunteer monitors.
5. Section 4.5 Final Revision Review.
6. Section 4.3 and Road Regulations to discuss new cul-de-sac designs with
appropriate radius for truck turning.
7. Common Driveway and Easement Maintenance Agreements. To be reviewed.

1. Subdivision Regulation Revisions.
2. Cul de Sac Design and Sight Lines, Subdivision Regulations, Section 4.3 and Road Regulations. Meeting of Planning and Zoning designees with Highway Superintendent needed. (7 Meadow Edge problem 3/22/16).
3. Common Driveway Easement and Maintenance Agreement for standard use
per App’l #496, 7/12/16.
4. 64 Cross Highway, Susan Lockwood: Alteration to a Scenic Road. Request to
change curb cut to improve sightlines approved 4/12/16 per Steve Kochis.
5. Reference App’l #348, Lot 2, 8 Putnam Hill Drive. Fred Aley, owner. Map to be
submitted showing new B.C.R.L.
6. IHZ Status. 1) Re changes to overlay zone on Old Mill Road
2) Analysis of land outside Super 7 right-of-way (T. Welles/J. Pemberton)


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