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Agenda for Redding Board of Education – Special, 11/03/2015

Minutes: Redding Board of Education – Special

RECEIVED 10/29/2015 1:49pm
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Agenda – JRMS Community Center

I.    Call to Order

II.   Approval of October 6, 2015 Meeting Minutes

III.  Public Comment

IV.  Board Member Comment

V.   Discussion and Possible Action

A.  Scientific Research-Based Interventions (SRBI)
1.  English Language Arts – RES
2.  Mathematics – JRMS
B.  2016 Board of Education Meeting Schedule
C.  Donation – $1,500 Anonymous Benefactor – Golf
D.  Special Education – Professional Roles Defined

VI.  Reports

A.  Administrative Reports
B.  Board of Education Committee Reports

VII.  Public Comment

VIII.  Board Member Comment

IX.  Recess to Executive Session to Discuss:

A.  Contract between the United Public Service Employees Union/ UPSEU (Custodians) and Redding Board of Education

X.    Return to Public Session for Possible Action of Discussed Item in Executive Session

XI.   Adjournment

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