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Agenda for Region 9 Board of Education, 08/27/2015

Minutes: Region 9 Board of Education

RECEIVED 08/24/2015 3:02pm
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Agenda – Joel Barlow High School Library Media Center

I. Call to Order

II.  Approval of August 12, 2015 Special Board Meeting Minutes

III.  Public Comment

IV.  Board Member Comment

V.  Discussion and Possible Action

A.  June 30, 2015 Year-End Results and Year-End Transfer Request
B.  Refund of Property Taxes paid to Town of Bethel
C.  Special Education – From “Child Find” to IEP Plan

VI.  Reports

A.  Administrative Reports

1.  Staffing Update
2.  Enrollment Numbers
3.  Status of Building
4.  Summer Athletics Report
5.  Goals & Vision Statement
6.  Professional Development
7.  Superintendent’s Report
8.  Transfers
9.  Special Education Numbers

B.  Board of Education Committee Reports

VII.  Public Comment

VIII.  Board Member Comment

IX.  Adjournment

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