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Agenda for Zoning Board of Appeals, 04/18/2017

Minutes: Zoning Board of Appeals

RECEIVED 04/03/2017 8:45am
Kathleen R. Miserendino - Redding Deputy Town Clerk

April 18, 2017
7:30 P.M.

1.  Call meeting to order

2.  Approval of February 21, 2017 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting Minutes & Motions

ZBA Meeting of March 21, 2017 cancelled

Public Hearing:

1.  Application  #17-03-01 –475 Newtown Turnpike –Owner Sterlhen LLC Marie C. Henry  (Map #16 & Lot #86)  – Appeal of Cease and Desist order issued by the Zoning Enforcement Officer on January 12, 2017 regarding four (4) commercial storage/shipping trailers being stored on a residential property in violation of Sections 3.8(e) and (f)  of the Redding Zoning Regulations.

2.  Application #17-03-02 – 657 Redding Road – Owner: Eric & Lisa Goldstein (Map #13 & Lot #32) –Agent: Philip H. Hubbard III, P H Architects LLC 38 Taunton Hill Road, Newtown CT 06470– Request for variances to allow for an addition of living space and a garage to an existing dwelling.  Variances requested (2):
-Section 3.13 (e) allowing 25% increase in non-conforming ground coverage area within setbacks: applicant seeks an increase in non-conforming ground coverage area of 73% within the setback area (variance allowing an increase of an additional 48%).  Overall coverage complies with regulations (see 4.6).
-Section 4.6.5: applicant seeks a reduction in the front yard setback from 50’ to 33.8’ (variance of 16.2’)

3.  Application #17-04-01 – 10 West Redding Road –Owner: Inge G. Villate (Trustee of Trust Agreement): Applicant James Howley 115 Pocono Road Brookfield, CT 06804- Request for a variance to reduce Driveway side setback 5’ (five feet).  Section 3.8(a) of the Redding Zoning Regulations requires a side setback of not less 10’ (ten feet).  Variance requested is 5’ (five feet).

4.  Possible Discussion/Administrative Matters

5.  Adjournment