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Be Prepared for Hurricane Henri – Tips from the Heritage Center

August, 2021
Be Prepared!

Don’t Panic!

Mother Nature has a way of reminding us who’s in charge. While we can’t control when or where a hurricane will hit, the best way to minimize potential damage is to be prepared. And, now is the time to prepare for Henri’s expected arrival, with conditions deteriorating as early as Saturday evening. Follow this advice from the Connecticut State Emergency Preparedness brochure. For the full brochure, click HERE.


  • A supply of water in jugs or bottles; you should have at least one gallon of water for every person in your home for each day. You will need more water if there are children, if someone is nursing a baby or if the weather is hot.
  • Food in cans or sealed packages like soup and tuna fish; foods and juices that do not have to be refrigerated or cooked; food for infants or the elderly
  • A manual can opener, paper plates, plastic utensils and something to cook on like a small grill with fuel. Be sure to only use charcoal and gas grills outdoors to prevent carbon monoxide buildup.
  • Bleach and eyedropper (to treat water).
  • Paper towels, toilet paper, soap.
Battery-powered radio, flashlights, cell phone, extra batteries.
  • Blanket/sleeping bag, pillows for everyone in the family.
Extra clothing for everyone in the family.
  • Things babies and children need like diapers, games, toys and books.
  • First-aid kit. Remember to include: medicines (prescriptions, fever reducers, aspirin), eye glasses and contact lens supplies; list of the doctors you go to and their phone numbers, medical supplies (colostomy supplies, insulin syringes)
  • Garbage bags and cleaning supplies.
  • Things your pets need like food and water, a pet carrier or cage, medicines, muzzle, collar, leash, ID tags and their immunization records.
  • Extra set of car keys, credit cards, cash and important information like social security numbers and birth certificates.
  • Plastic sheeting and duct tape (for sealing the room – pg. 7 in brochure), a copy of this guide.
  • Pictures of your family members and pets in case you are separated and need help looking for them.

If we all plan well, we will get through this together. Remember to check on your neighbors, especially those who are elderly or have a disability. Engage virtually with others in our community through video and phone calls. Know that it’s normal to feel anxious or stressed. Take care of your body and talk to someone if you are feeling upset. More than ever,

Above all, stay safe, be well!

Angelica Fontanez
Director of Social Services
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Margherita Pilato
Senior Program Coordinator
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Michelle Stillman
Administrative Assistant
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