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Taking Action – Granges of the Future

Today’s Grange provides an opportunity to serve by providing leadership for local community service projects is what the Grange does best. Examples of some projects include organizing a softball league, providing hearing testing, building a community center, sponsoring a community fair, staffing an after school child care program, conducting a candidate debate and organizing voter registration drives.

The Grange believes in leadership development, and reaches out to all people in an effort to respond to real needs. It builds a better community by providing the services that people need to live better lives. In working together, the Grange is able to provide assistance when the government can’t and individuals alone aren’t strong enough. By working together the Grange builds community and people.

The Grange provides each member with a legislative voice at the local, state and national level. Members are part of a grassroots constituency enabling them to effectively express their views and influence legislative policy at the highest levels of government.

The Grange is non-partisan, but it vigorously encourages member participation in the political process. The fellowship, recreation and social activities in the Grange are developed with the family in mind – children and senior citizens alike are very welcome in the Grange. Competitions in music, art, public speaking, crafts, and a whole variety of other activities are an important part of every Grange’s agenda.

“The mission of the Connecticut State Grange, a fraternal organization with roots in rural and agricultural history and the Grange ritual, is to serve as the unifying and supportive organization of community and district Granges in programs of community service, family activities, legislation, and other activities relevant to local communities.”  – Jody A. Cameron

Redding Grange Mission Statement

Redding Grange 15 strengthens our town by gathering its individuals, families, and youth in order to promote agriculture, community, service, health, and to foster fellowship and well-being.



Redding Grange #15

Elizabeth Jensen, President/Master Redding Grange #15


Phone: 203-664-1513

Ct State Grange Address
150 Ripley Hill Road
Coventry, CT 06238

Ct State Grange Phone



Redding Grange #15 Meetings
1st Monday of each month at 7:00 pm
Redding Grange Hall or via Zoom
399 Newtown Turnpike, Redding

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Elizabeth Jensen

Elizabeth Jensen

President / Master (Redding, Grange #15)

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