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Earth Day 2016

The Town of Redding celebrates Earth Day 2016 with a variety of activities.

earth day shot

Click here to review a News Times article about our events.

Click here for a list of 30 ways to make Everyday Earth Day in Redding.

Earth Day Preparation in Town Hall

4 kids in tees

From left: Lauren Smiley, Cameron Stewart, Luke Stewart and Andrew Smiley adorn Earth Day tee shirts surrounding the Earth Day/Mount Trashmore display in Town Hall.

Earth Day Preparation with the Scouts

scouts 118



Redding Cub Scout Pack 118 gathered in April 12, 2016 at Redding Elementary School for their Community Service Project, acknowlidging Earth Day and Redding Rid Litter Day )Mt. Trashmore) by re-purposing old tee shirts and discussing ways to re-use/reduce/recycle. The Pack transformed tees into no-sew tote bags, scarves and other fun projects. Thank you Jackie Fritch Dyer for arranging the event!

Reminder: Keep those material scraps and take them to the Redding Transfer Station and toss them into the Baystate Bin!

earth dance


You can view an Earth Day presentation called “Earth Dance” by the Redding Elementary Orff students, directed by music director Kathy Weiss and filmed by Elise Levinson Glynn.


Password: orff


Two Chants imageTwo Chants by Leslie Freyberg in the Gazebo











Earth Day Preparation at the Heritage Center

senior garden 1


The “Three Musketeers” (Ken De Friesse, Bob Moran, and Kurt Raschi – all husband’s of active Redding Garden Club members) rebuilding the fence of the Seniors’ Garden located behind the Community Center. After the garden’s inception approximately 10 years ago, it was now in need of new fencing.  Redding Garden Club, which has been maintaining and working the garden for and with seniors for the past four years, is financing the garden fence replacement.

This year there will be tomatoes, swiss chard, a variety of herbs and numerous flowers growing in the garden.  The harvest is always distributed freely to senior citizens who stop by the Heritage Center.  It’s always a joy for seniors to be part of a gardening experience and the “garden therapy” committee of the garden club is happy to accommodate.

Redding Rid Litter Day: Build Mount Trashmore!

Mt. Trashmore sign image