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Redding CERT Class Starting April 21, 2018

Interested in Helping Your Community?

Join Redding CERT

Redding CERT is a community based program that’s been in existence since 2006. CERT stands for Community Emergency Response Team.

CERT class instruction includes first aid, CPR, fire safety, traffic control, search and rescue, disaster psychology, sheltering and other topics associated with disaster response.

CERT training is designed to help prepare for emergencies and teach how to assist neighbors in disaster situations. Also should local resources (fire, police & EMS personnel) be overwhelmed, CERT support is used to assist first responders (fire, EMS, and police personnel), enabling them to address the most critical issues at hand.

Redding used CERT after the hurricanes and super storms and was a key component of the town’s road to recovery. Redding CERT opened and ran the overnight shelter, the warming station and food/water distribution, and helped those with special needs.

Joining CERT is a great opportunity to help our community. Classes begin April 21, 2018.

Click HERE for CERT FAQ sheet for 2018.

For more information and to sign up, call Doug Hartline at 203-938-2559 or by email at

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