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Covid-19 Vaccination Program Pre-Registration

Redding residents 55 and older are eligible to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. Please complete the pre-registration form below. Educators are included in this group.

We are also asking residents in the 45-54 group to pre-register so we can expedite the process when the age group becomes eligible for vaccination.

Once pre-registered and eligible, residents will be contacted by the Redding Health Department Scheduling Team either by email or phone, systematically, in the order that they have pre-registered. Please refrain from calling the Health Department.

Redding has been holding clinics at the Redding Community Center

You must have an appointment.

We continue to encourage all who are eligible to sign up for all vaccination options available, including registering in VAMS. Through VAMS many have received appointments at hospitals and other providers.

This information may change as the State provides additional guidance.

Redding Covid-19 Vaccine Program Pre-Registration