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Tree Warden

Charlie Hyatt is the appointed Tree Warden for the Town of Redding.

Tree wardens are appointed public officials responsible for trees alongside public roads and in public spaces, other than those on state property or under the jurisdiction of a park commission.  Each municipality is required to have a tree warden. The tree warden’s responsibilities include approving the planting, pruning or removal of trees under his or her authority.

State of Connecticut Enabling Statute:  Coming soon. 
Local regulations: Coming soon

Eversource Annual Maintenance Tree Trimming

Each year, Eversource performs maintenance trimming of tree branches and limbs along roadside power lines. Eversource is required to notify the Town of its plans.

Click here to view the Eversource map of trimming for Spring/Summer/Fall 2023.

Eversource Score Cards

Eversource produces an annual score card for each Town in their service area.

Click here to view the Score Card for the year ending Dec. 31, 2022