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Mailbox Repair Policy

WHEREAS, during the winter months on occasion mailboxes become damaged or broken as a result of snow being thrown against them by town highway snow plows during snow removal:


WHEREAS, on occasion mailboxes are damaged by being actually struck by Town Highway snow plows:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Redding Board of Selectmen establishes this Policy Resolution concerning mailboxes:

A. Residents and taxpayers are advised of the importance of proper placement and anchoring of their mailboxes and posts so that damage to the boxes does not result from winter snow removal operations.
B. All mailboxes should be securely fastened to a sturdy post which is sufficiently anchored in the ground to
resist the impact of plowed snow.
C. Mailbox installation will be consistent with Postal Regulation DMM508. No part of a mailbox arm or post may
be closer than nine (9) inches from the face of the curb or edge of pavement to prevent contact by the snow plow. No reimbursement will be made if this condition is not met.
D. In the event a mailbox or post is physically struck by the Town Highway snow plow, the Town will reimburse the owner $25.00 for the post, and/or $25.00 for the mailbox. The cost of labor is not reimbursable.
E. No mailbox or post will be repaired or replaced if damage was caused by the force of snow thrown by plows.
F. The Highway Department or designated representative will promptly investigate all reports and will advise the resident or taxpayer of the decision to reimburse the cost of the mailbox and/or post.

The policy resolution is adopted in order to provide a formal policy for the Town administration in dealing with damaged mailboxes.

In addition, this policy is set forth to inform Redding citizens of the correct location for mailboxes and to make it known under what conditions the Town will be responsible to replace mailboxes and/or mailbox posts.


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