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Stormwater Management Plan for Redding, Connecticut

Annual Reports for General Permit for the Discharge of Stormwater from Small Municipal Separate Water Systems Available for Public Viewing and Comment – Comments can be sent to

2023 MS4 Annual Report-DRAFT
2022 MS4 Annual Report-DRAFT
2021 MS4 Annual Report
2017-2020 MS4 Combined Annual Report

In accordance with the NPDES Phase II Program implemented by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection thru the Certificate of Registration issued to the Town of Redding for the Stormwater – Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems
General Permit Part B Municipal Stormwater (MS4),

Permit #GSM000085
Application No. 200902223
Issue Date: January 8, 2011
Exp. Date: January 8, 2015
Water Location #: 117-023

All pending copies of the Plan and Annual Reports will be filed with the Selectman, Town Clerk, Zoning Department, Mark Twain Public Library, and the town website. Questions and comments should be directed to the Zoning Department.

Stormwater Issue Reporting: Please report illegal dumping or discharges to any storm drains by calling the Zoning Department at (203) 938-8517. You may also report any soil erosion and sediment control issues by calling the Zoning Department.

Stormwater Issues can also be reported through the Town website. Click CONTACT US. Using the pulldown menu, select Stormwater, fill out the form, attach any documentation, submit. The Zoning department will be in touch with you.

The following links describe the Town of Redding’s Stormwater Management:

2017 Stormwater Management Plan

2016 Annual Report          2015 Annual Report          2014 Annual Report 
2013 Annual Report          2012 Annual Report          2011 Annual Report
2010 Annual Report          2009 Annual Report         2008 Annual Report
2007 Annual Report          2006 Annual Report         2005 Annual Report
2004 Annual Report

2011 Stormwater Mapping
2007 Outfall Data
2007 Plan

Part B – General Permit Registration Form for the Discharge of Stormwater (MS 4)

Connecticut Natural Diversity Data Base Review Request Form

Additional stormwater information is also available from the following links:

Norwalk River Watershed Association, Inc.
Conservation Districts of Connecticut
The Nature Conservancy Saugatuck Forest Lands Project
General Stormwater Education Library


Here are brochures that support stormwater management:

Lawn Management brochure

Impervious Management brochure

Pet Waste Management brochure

Mercury Management brochure


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