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Town Treasurer

Treasurer of the Town of Redding, W. Wesley Higgins is an elected official serving a two-year term.

The Town treasurer shall receive all money belonging to the town, pay it out on the order of the proper authority and keep a record of all moneys received and when received and of all moneys paid out, when, for what and upon whose authority, which record shall always be open to the inspection of any taxpayer in such town and shall be presented to each annual town meeting, being first sworn to by him and adjusted by the selectmen.

The Treasurer shall be, ex officio, treasurer of the town trust funds and may appoint a deputy who shall, in the absence or disability of the town treasurer, perform all his duties.

Payment of any obligation of any town may be made by a national bank or state bank and trust company located in this state in accordance with the directions of the treasurer of the town, on order of the proper authority of such town, and the treasurer may authorize such bank to debit the town’s account accordingly.


Town Treasurer

W. Wesley Higgins

100 Hill Road
P.O. Box 1028
Redding, CT 06875