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Information re payment of real estate taxes in 2017

We have received numerous inquiries from taxpayers regarding prepayment of 2018 taxes.

Taxes that are due in January, 2018, can be paid now, December, 2017.  In accordance with Connecticut State Statute, we only have the authority to accept the January, 2018, installment due, as a prepayment.  State Statute does not allow the municipality to collect taxes that will not become due until July, 2018.

The Redding Tax Office abides by the U. S. Post Office postmark date.  If your taxes are mailed and postmarked by December 31, 2017, with a U. S. postmark, they are considered to be paid in 2017, and will be posted as such.  Taxes can also be paid online, with the necessary fee, and the date payment is made will be honored as the posting date.  The Redding Town Hall is closed on Fridays.

 Patricia J. Moisio, CCMC
Town of Redding Tax Collector
Post Office Box 1061
Redding, CT 06875
T:  203 938-2706
F:  203 938-6956