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Minutes of Region 9 Board of Education, 11/24/2015

AGENDA: Region 9 Board of Education

RECEIVED 11/30/2015 8:30am

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Attendance: Region 9 Board of Education members:  Colangelo, D’Agostino, Gombos (7:40 pm), Hancock, Hocker, King, Lewis

Administration: McMorran, Sullivan, Pin, Pierson Ugol, Sheehy, Geraghty, and members of the Leadership team

Student Representative:  Sarah Jorgensen

Others: three members of the public and staff, and the videographer

Mr. Hocker called the meeting of the Region 9 Board of Education to order at 7:03 pm in the Joel Barlow Media Center.


Motion: move that the Region 9 Board of Education approve the minutes of the October 20, 2015 meeting as corrected.  Approved. Unanimous.

Correction:  Sarah Jorgensen was incorrect in the attendance section.


Student Representative, Sarah Jorgensen, reported on student activities, including Homecoming and Spirit week and Career Day.  A War and Remembrance Breakfast was attended by survivors of Holocaust and Veterans of WWII who shared their stories.  The Veteran’s Day Ceremony honored 29 veterans in attendance. She reported that the Field Hockey team, Girls Volleyball team and Boys Soccer team were all winners of the Southwest Conference competition.  The Field Hockey team went on to compete at the state level. The school musical production of Shrek was successful.  Ms. Jorgensen added that a group of students has volunteers to assist Bud McQuade plant daffodils in the fall. Mr. McQuade, 99 years young and former teacher at Barlow, is known for his field of daffodils on Cross Highway.


Mr. Hocker recognized and thanked Carrie Colangelo for her service on the Board of Education.  Mrs. Colangelo has been elected a selectman in Easton.  She was presented with a token of appreciation.


The Building Committee met prior to the meeting and approved the October invoice from Imperial Roofing. Mrs. Sullivan reported that the installation has been inspected by Tremco, the Redding Building Inspector and the architect.  An issue of loose roof drains created some leaks during a recent rain storm.  These have been tightened and all damage has been corrected. Mr. Czudak was pleased with the quick response and correction of the problem.  The first installment of state reimbursement has been received.

Motion: move that the Region 9 Board of Education approve the invoice from Imperial Roofing for October work for $49,945.82.  Hancock, King. Approved. Unanimous.

Mrs. Gombos arrived during the discussion below (7:40 pm)


Mrs. Pin presented the Part 2 of student performance data. The presentation included information on Advanced Placement participation and results, college application data, athletic and activity program participation data, and information on the Developmental Asset Profile and School Climate survey.


Special Education Director, Patti Roszko, provided a review of the various professional roles for special education.


The proposed dates for board meetings in 2016 were reviewed. The schedule of dates will be finalized and approved at the December meeting.


Principal’s Report:  Mrs. Pin and members of the Leadership Team report on the following:

  • Homecoming/Spirit Week was successful
  • Michael’s Cup: Mr. Santangeli reported JBHS received this recognition for the fifth straight year.
  • Memorial Tree Rededication: memorial trees and plaques were replanted and rededicated. The trees were replacements for trees that were not in good condition. Two students have taken on the task of filming and memorializing the various memorials and their stories on the Barlow site.
  • War & Remembrance Breakfast: Mrs. Pin thanked the Social Studies department for their organization of the event.
  • Veterans Day: the event recognized and honors all who have served in the armed services.
  • Social Studies teacher Jackie Whiting was recognized as the Teacher of the Year.
  • The Debate Team was successful against Amity High School

Special Education Report: Ms. Roszko provided the statistical report. She also included historical information on Tuition costs for the current and past five years.

Mrs. Gombos requested that the board be given the historical excess cost percentages in next month’s report.

Financials and Operation: Mrs. Sullivan reported on the following items:

  • Apportionment History: the apportionment for next year, based on this year’s enrollment, will be 52.8% for Redding and 47.19% for Easton.  Current enrollment is 527 for Redding and 471 for Easton.
  • Health Insurance: claims for October were down, but still above the monthly budgeted amount. The Easton Board of Education continues to run a deficit in their reserve fund, but their claims have come down a bit. Mrs. Sullivan has been in contact with the Easton Board of Finance regarding the situation and potential of requesting additional funding.
  • Solar panels: Mrs. Sullivan will meet with a firm to examine the potential of installing solar panels on the roof of the high school.
  • Transfer Report for review
  • Snow removal contract: the bids were reviewed and the contract was awarded to the same firm that provided services last year. The contract includes removal of snow from all parking areas regardless of how much there is. A budget transfer of $5,000 was made to increase the budget from $44,000 to $49,000 to cover the contract.
  • Old Building Project closeout:   Mrs. Sullivan reported the State acknowledged the final change orders and determined that the charges were ineligible for reimbursement. Mrs. Sullivan has requested closeout of the project.

Assistant Superintendent’s Report:  Dr. Pierson Ugol submitted a written report and reported the State has adopted the next generation of Science Standards. The new standards will require an instructional ship with more impact on the K-8 grades than at the high school level.  Work is underway in planning for professional development on the topic. She also noted that he PDEC group is moving forward with revisions to the professional evaluation plan.

Superintendent’s Report:  Dr. McMorran commented on a book by Harry Lewis and the relationship between participation in athletics & extracurricular activities and the ability to work together with other students and peers, and how this carries over into the work place.  He thanked the board for their support for athletics and extracurricular activities at Joel Barlow High School.


Audit Committee:  Mr. King indicated the Committee completed their review of the audit report. A procurement policy has been completed and will be forwarded to the Policy Committee for review before going to the Board of Education for approval. Work is being done on the Student Activity Fund and to clean up some of the separate, but not currently active funds. The Committee also reviewed and will continue to review legal expenses.

Calendar Committee: Mr. D’Agostino reported the committee is working on the calendar, making adjustment to meet the State requirement for a unified calendar and continue the current calendar practices.  The draft calendar is being updated to reflect professional development and minimum days. He anticipates the calendar for next year will be presented at the December meeting, with approval scheduled for the Tri-Board meeting in January.

Policy Committee:  Mr. Hancock reported the review of policies will begin in December.


Dana Gray, Redding:  Mrs. Gray asked how many students attended the Homecoming Dance and asked if the results of the School Climate Survey (that parents participate in) could be made available to the public.  Mrs. Pin commented that the Homecoming Dance was well attended, but fewer student from last  year.

Jeanne Wendschuh, Redding:  Mrs. Wendschuh thanked the board members, the administration and the staff for their work to make Barlow an outstanding school


The Region 9 Board of Education recessed to discuss the Head of School Search process. Dr. McMorran, Dr. Pierson Ugol and Paul Coppinger were invited to be present.

The meeting recessed at 8:58 pm.

The Board reconvened at 9:30pm.


Mr. King requested that the December agenda include an item for discussion of cost comparisons to other schools in the state.

Mr. Lewis requested that the enrollment report be included on the December agenda.

Mrs. Gombos complimented the students on the production of Shrek the Musical.



Motion: move that the meeting be adjourned.  D’Agostino, Gombos. Approved. Unanimous.

The meetings were adjourned at 9:40pm

Submitted by Catherine Gombos, Region 9 Board of Education Secretary

Recorded by Mary Maday

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