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Minutes of Water Pollution Control Commission, 02/17/2016

AGENDA: Water Pollution Control Commission

RECEIVED 02/18/2016 3:26pm
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk


Present: A. Atamian, J. Bacon, J. Fisher, J. Miller, D. Pattee, R. Regan
Also present. Burke, Oatley & Bernardini (Veolia), K. Stauffer

Mr. Regan called the meeting to order at 7:33 pm in the Conference Room of the Town Office Building.

Motion: move that the minutes of the January 20, 2015 meeting be accepted as amended. Regan, Pattee. Approved. 5-0-1. Mr. Fisher abstained.

Amendment: page 1, under Veolia Report, last paragraph, change spiced to spliced; page 2, invoices, the November reimbursables amount was $7,669.75

Motion: move that the minutes of the February 3, 2016 meeting be approved as submitted.  Atamian, Miller. Approved. 3-0-3. Mr. Bacon, Mr. Fisher and Mr. Regan abstained.

Mr. Oatley introduced Matthew Bernardini, the new Veolia plant operator at the plant.  Mr. Burke noted the plant is functioning well and the membranes are performing very well.  There were no issues or alarms during the past month.  A representative of Lane (membrane system vendor) visited the plant and the operation of the membrane system.  Mr. Oatley requested he provide a trip report on the visit.

The PAC product has not been used as yet.  Mr. Oatley will prepare a plan for a treatability study and phosphorus reduction test.  The pump station will be scheduled for a thorough cleaning, usually performed annually.

At the February 3, 2016 meeting, a motion was approved to move forward with the drum screen replacement by Municipal Maintenance Co.  Mr. Miller noted that the Redding Finance Department is in the process of preparing a purchase requisition for the project. He will follow up on the progress being made.  Municipal Maintenance Co. is the factory trained installer for the equipment (single source) for the drum screen.

Ms. Stauffer noted that she received a receipt from Rancho Alegre, and is following up on the others that have not submitted their receipts.

The available balance in the Usage account as of February 17, 2016 is $92,883.54.  The next quarterly billing will be the first of April.

Open invoices were reviewed.

  1. Aquarion monthly, $138.95
  2. Eversource (CL&P),  $2,716.75
  3. Frontier, $196.51
  4. Transcanada,  $4,058.21
  5. Veolia monthly services for January 2016, $26,850.50
  6. Veolia reimbursables for December, $9,701.88, subject to review by Mr. Regan

Motion: move to approve payment of invoices listed above, subject to review of Reimbursables by Mr. Regan. Bacon, Atamian. Approved. Unanimous.

  • Invoices not approved: Veolia monthly invoice for February, 2016, $26,850.50.
  • There was a transfer of $60,000 from the Town in September, the first transfer of the fiscal year. The total allocation in the 2014-15 budget is $249,850.
  • The total now due from GSTD is $1,883,392.36

The discussion on change of use for 20 Portland Avenue was resolved by Ms. Stauffer.  The address for the change was incorrect. The correct address 32 Portland Avenue is served by a septic system.

Discussion of the Purchasing & Expenditure Policy & Procedure followed. Finance Director Steve Gniadek asked that the WPCC review the policy and procedures at the meeting. Commission members were in agreement that the policy and procedures were good, but that the amount of paperwork to be created for use by the WPCC is exceptional.  They asked Ms. Stauffer to review the matter with Ms. Moisio for further direction.

Uncle Leo’s paper work on his proposed internal grease removal unit has been reviewed and approved. He has been advised it must be installed immediately.

Mr. Bacon announced that he will end his term as the Planning Commission representative for the WPCC on February 27, 2016.  Commission members thanked him for his time on the board.

Motion: move to adjourn the meeting. Miller, Pattee. Approved. Unanimous.

The meeting adjourned at 8:41 pm

Submitted by Mary Maday

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