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Minutes of Historic Review Committee, 06/02/2016

AGENDA: Historic Review Committee

RECEIVED 06/06/2016 9:01am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Thursday June 2, 2016
7:30 PM, Old Town House

Present: Matt Lecher, Anda Cumings, alt. Sherry Karraker, historian Charley Couch

Vice Chairman Matt Lecher calls the meeting to order at 7:35PM.  Sherry Karraker is seated for Ray D’Angelo.

I.  Approval of Minutes, Meeting of May 23, 2016
Secretary Anda Cumings reads the minutes of the last meeting of the Committee.

Sherry Karraker motions to accept the minutes as submitted, seconded by Anda Cumings.  The motion is accepted unanimously.

II.  Demolition application for t 436 Redding Road (a.k.a. 432 Redding road), submitted on May 23, 2016
Historian Charley Couch updates the Committee on various pieces of information available regarding the house at 436 Redding Road.  It has been owned by Aquarian and leased to a number of tenants over the years, but most recently has been used in fire and police training and may be heavily damaged.  The house appears on the 1867 Beers Map of Redding and is on the Redding Inventory of Historic Houses.  Alternate Jean Taylor previously emailed the Committee documentation of this home by the Connecticut Historical Commission Historic Resources Inventory of Buildings and Structures.  It is noted that the actual demolition application has not been included in the information packet to the Committee, and that this must be obtained from the Land Use office.  It is also desirable to do a site walk with a representative of the owner and ask further questions about the property and discuss possible alternatives to demolition.

Anda Cumings motions that the house at 436 Redding Road is historically sensitive and therefore subject to the Demolition Delay Ordinance because:
1.      The house is documented by the State of Connecticut Historical Commission Historic Resources Inventory of Buildings and Structures, and
2.      The house appears on the Town of Redding Inventory of Historic Houses, and
3.      The house appears on the 1867 Beers Map of Redding.

Sherry Karraker seconds the motion, which is passed unanimously.

Anda is to report this decision by the Committee to the Land Use Office on the next day of business (Monday, June 6th), and request that the applicant be duly informed of the applicability of the Ordinance.  The applicant will then be contacted in order to arrange a site visit, which will be posted as per procedures.

III.  Discussion of Committee issues and concerns
No further topics are discussed at this meeting.

Matt Lecher moves that the meeting be adjourned.  Seconded by Sherry Karraker.  The meeting is adjourned at 8:45PM.

Submitted by:
Anda E. Cumings
Secretary, Historic Review Committee