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Minutes of Water Pollution Control Commission, 06/21/2017

AGENDA: Water Pollution Control Commission

RECEIVED 06/22/2017 2:23pm
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Regular Meeting
June 21, 2017

Present: Rich Regan, Todd Eubanks, David Pattee, Amy Atamian & John Fisher. K. Stauffer.
John Oatley & Matthew Bernardini of Veolia Water. Olivia  Greenspan (Public Comment).

R. Regan called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm in the Hearing Room of the Town Hall Building.

ITEM 1:  APPROVAL OF MINUTES of May 17, 2017  Meeting
Motion: Approve minutes. R. Regan asked to eliminate the sentence “Veolia Reimbursable for January is subject to the Chariman’s Review” from the notes . D. Pattee, A. Atamian. Unanimous.

Veolia reported:
Operational and Maintenance
– Weekly Power Washing of the On-Line Primary Drum Screener continues.
– Internal wasting totaled 10,923 gallons.
– Organic backwash of membranes completed.
– Manhole in Lumberyard Pub checked. There is no blockage and good flow.
– Received 1,013 gallons of PAC to the bulk tank. Cost remained at $2.61/gallon.
– Pupper Septic came on site to remove 4,000 gallons of scum from aeration.

Regulatory and Compliance
– There were no permit violations for Redding in the month of May 2017.
– The plant is staying within the allowable effluent total phosphorus lbs. per day.

Other Updates
– Activated Carbon will be replaced on Wednesday, 6/28.
– On Thursday, 6/15, a power event at the plant resulted in 6 of the 8 cabinets being shut down.
– Vacuum trucks have been brought to keep plant operational at a cost of $2,500 per day (Began Friday, 6/18 and anticipated completion will be Monday, 6/26)
– M. Bernardini and J. Oatley suggested replacing and upgrading the PLC cabinets.
– An engineer will come on Thursday, 7/6 to evaluate the system and suggest next steps.
– Discussion about the cost of replacing the system and the various parts (Engineering, Hardware, Programming, and other costs). J. Oatley and M. Bernadini’s estimates were between $100,000 and $300,000.
– M. Bernardini will give an estimate of costs to R. Regan for BOF meeting on Monday, 6/26.
– Ceiling Fans/Blowers were fixed in May, resulting in an improvement in building temperature.

Veolia has no more comments.

8:45PM Veolia Leaves

– K. Stauffer discussed that the meter may have been replaced.
– D. Pattee emphasized the importance of what units the meter is reading.
– A. Atamian suggested filling a 5-gallon bucket with water from The Black Cat Grille, and observing the meter while this happens.

K. Stauffer will obtain the necessary information about the meter.

The financial discussion began with R. Regan stating the balance in account is $86,062.16.

K. Stauffer present. Acting chair R. Regan agreed to have the town pay: Aquarion Monthly $141.60, CT Bureau of Boilers $80.00, CT DEEP $1,722.50, Frontier $289.53, Eversource $2,245.24, Hocon Gas, $15.00, Michelle Grande $60.00, Transcanada $4,024.75, Veolia CBYD-May $15.00, Veolia Monthly-May $27,181.42, and Veolia Reimbursable-March $36,254.25.

MOTION: Pay all invoices except Veolia monthly for June 2017 and Veolia Reimbursable for April 2017. R. Regan. T. Eubanks. No Discussion. Unanimous.

ITEM 5. Public Comment
O. Greenspan asked five questions and made one comment.

Question 1: O. Greenspan asked “Where can I find an itemized list of costs for the WPCC?”
– K. Stauffer informed O. Greenspan that itemized lists go back three years.
– D. Pattee suggested that the Annual Report is a good resource.

Question 2: O. Greenspan asked “How much is Redding subsidizing the plant’s operation?”
– R. Regan stated the Town of Redding pays approximately $240,000 a year to help run the plant and $400,000 a year in usage costs.

Question 3: O. Greenspan asked “What is the national average cost for water treatment?”
– K. Stauffer stated Tighe and Bond just published a report on Connecticut water treatment costs in towns and cities.

– Question 4: O. Greenspan asked, “How long are the vacuum trucks going to be operating at the plant?”
– R. Regan responded that Monday, 6/26 is the anticipated final date.

– Question 5: O. Greenspan asked: “If Gilbert and Bennett is developed and usage fees from the site start to come in, how will this balance out with the increased public school costs?”
– D. Pattee stated that the commission does not know what will happen.

– Comment 1: O. Greenspan stated a concern that, “The cost to the Town of the plant affects school budgets, resulting in cuts to teachers”. She stated that her high school teachers Mrs. Skalkos and Ms. Swift are being cut.
– D. Pattee stated that the WPCC cannot comment on that.

ITEM 6: Commision Member Comments
– D. Pattee asked K. Stauffer about the CBYD markings in Georgetown. Answer: The markings are for Mountain Road (currently being re-paved by the Town).

Motion: R. Regan, J. Fisher. No Discussion. Unanimous. 9:06PM

Submitted by Zachary Smith

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