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Minutes of ARPA Funds Working Group, 03/03/2022

AGENDA: ARPA Funds Working Group

RECEIVED 03/07/2022 8:30am
Kathleen R. Miserendino - Redding Deputy Town Clerk

Minutes of the ARPA Funds Working Group (Filed Subject for Approval)
March 3, 2022, by Zoom

Attending: Mary Campbell, Brianna Carvalho, Karen Gifford, Wes Higgins, Mary Dale Lancaster, Ward Mazzucco, Chris Parkin, James Sanders, Julia Pemberton

The meeting was called to order at 5.02 pm by Chair Higgins.

The minutes of the February 24, 2022 meeting were reviewed. M. Lancaster corrected the description of the Social Services position to Senior Coordinator.  The corrected minutes were approved (motion K. Gifford, seconded W. Mazzucco).

The working group reviewed a proposal submitted by Angelica Fontanez to provide up to $50,000 for a Relief Fund that would address the needs of Redding families and individuals who require assistance.  The proposal detailed the types of assistance the Director of Social Services might provide, similar to other efforts of the Social Services Department already undertaken by the Town. Julia clarified the distinction between this proposal and the United Way ALICE request. The Relief Fund could potentially engage organizations like the United Way to provide services to Town residents, but the Fund could not extend grants to initiatives that serve several communities and would comingle monies.  Funding for those initiatives would require a separate proposal to the Board of Selectmen.

Jim Sanders discussed his analysis of the compliance requirements for using ARPA funds. He provided a set of recommendations for the Town to follow to assure that the projects selected are compatible with the Treasury Department rules and all documentation is complete.

The group discussed the plans to communicate the availability of the ARPA funds to the community. Mary Campbell and Briana Carvalho volunteered to draft the text for a town wide mailing of a postcard to alert residents. Julia agreed to handle to logistics of the mailing. Chris Parkin agreed to serve as the liaison to the Boys and Girls club.

Adjourned at 6.31 (motion made C Parkin, seconded by W Mazzucco)

Submitted by Wes Higgins

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