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Minutes of ARPA Funds Working Group, 03/31/2022

AGENDA: ARPA Funds Working Group

RECEIVED 04/11/2022 8:30am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Minutes of the ARPA Funds Working Group (Filed Subject for Approval)

March 31, 2022, by Zoom

Attending: Mary Campbell, Brianna Carvalho, Karen Gifford, Wes Higgins, Mary Dale Lancaster, Ward Mazzucco, Chris Parkin, James Sanders, Julia Pemberton

The meeting was called to order at 5:01 pm by Chair Higgins.

The minutes of the March 17th, 2022 meeting were reviewed.

Chris Parkin corrected the minutes to note that his concern of a possible long tail of expenses was part of his decision to vote to oppose Motion 1 and he also had concerns that the funding of Motion 2 might prove over time to be insufficient. His nay vote to Motion 3 was without prejudice to its merits and reflected his view that the Hydrant project should have been included later in the review process with other infrastructure projects. Mary Dale Lancaster’s comments were included in the minutes although she was unable to attend the meeting. The minutes should reflect that those comments were requested by the chair and were not read at the time of the meeting.

Motion to adopt corrected minutes (W. Mazzucco, C. Parkin) Adopted by unanimous vote

Julia presented to the group a preliminary list of capital projects and possible funding options that she intended to provide to the Board of Selectmen and the Board of Finance in the next several days. The Working Group began a discussion of their views on what types of projects they would like to be reviewed in the next three months. K. Gifford and C. Parkin both supported projects that offered programs for the community to be placed ahead of infrastructure projects in order to provide a catalyst to these efforts. Julia noted that a public safety project to fund police bodycams had a State of CT deadline of July 1st and would need consideration very soon. J. Sanders suggested the Working Group might consider a parallel process to allow both programming and infrastructure projects to move ahead in the review process. C. Parkin shared two school capital projects that the School Board might seek ARPA funding- a paving of the recess area and adjacent basketball courts behind the elementary school and a study of the creation of a campus plan that would include both primary and elementary schools on the same property along with Town facilities. W. Higgins concluded the discussion by summarizing the Group’s desire to review programming proposals before infrastructure projects.

The discussion moved on to a review of the outreach efforts to notify organizations in Town of the Working Group’s interest in proposals that meet ARPA requirements and community needs. The postcard that was designed by M. Campbell and B. Carvalho and mailed to all residents received praise from the other members. W. Higgins provided a list of assignments to all the Working Group members of the organizations they will contact in Town and introduce themselves to provide guidance as liaisons.

Adjourned 6:22 pm (W. Mazzucco, K. Gifford)

Submitted by Wes Higgins

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