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Minutes of Board of Finance Sub-Committee, 01/18/2018

AGENDA: Board of Finance Sub-Committee

RECEIVED 01/22/2018 8:30am
Kathleen R. Miserendino - Redding Deputy Town Clerk

BOF Sub-Committee meeting at the Board of Education Central Office

Present: Dr. Kim Yonkers (Chair),Joe Centofanti (O’Connor Davies representative), Scott Reiss (Director, Finance and Operations, Region 9 Schools), Ward Mazzucco (member, BOF), Steve Gniadek (Finance Director, Redding), Tom McMorran (Superintendent Region 9 Schools), Vicki Cram (Human Resources Manager, Region 9 Schools), Jeanne Wendschuh (member of public and ad hoc financial consultant to the Board of Finance)

Call to order (Dr. Yonkers, Chair)

Mr. Mazzucco outlined the auditor’s charge to look at policies and procedures for budgets and charging for expenses related to the BOE. O’Connor Davies is the firm that was asked to look at 7-8 categories.

Mr. Reiss stated that he has concerns about time that it takes to gather the information, not necessarily the burden. The individual charged with collecting data is very busy and work is substantial given the tight staff. Mr. Centofanti’s requests were initially made in the midst of audits. The BOE staff was able to provide documents related to 2015-2016 and is working on the 2016-2017. He said that, since a call with Mr. Centofanti in October, his staff has been busy with other tasks, such as the proposed budgets, which he considered to be a higher priority. Therefore, his staff has been unable to complete the delivery of information to Mr. Centofanti.

Mr. Centofanti explained that he has had several requests pending with the town’s auditor, Scott Bassett, for narratives. He is looking at the system for 2016. He wanted to assess the old system and the new system since Scott Reiss has improved systems since he assumed the job. There are also narratives that may have been sent to Scott Bassett. Joseph asked Mr. Bassett for narratives so that the work does not have to be duplicated. He would like to be able to map out and understand the old procedures and the new procedures and controls and this would allow him to make recommendations for optimal procedures if they are not followed. Mr. Gniadek also sent Mr. Bassett requests but Mr. Bassett has not yet responded. It was decided that Mr. Centofanti would send a request to Dr. Yonkers who would send the request to Mr. Bassett.

Dr. Yonkers asked about the amount of work and time frame. Mr. Reiss felt it would require 8 hours and that their staff would have to be paid overtime for Saturday work since the budget work takes up all of her time during the regular workweek.

Mr. Mazzucco emphasized that there was substantial public interest in the report and Dr. Yonkers pointed out that an assessment of procedures and systems that are more efficient could facilitate the preparation of the current budget, making this project more of a priority. Mr. Reiss felt that this next round of information would be available in a few weeks. Then, after Mr. Centofanti analyzes it, he will be requesting additional items.
Ms. Cram asked if the scope of Mr. Centofanti’s review would be public and Mr. Mazzucco stated that the engagement letter and other work product of the BOF would be.

Comments from general public:
Ms. Wendschuh: is there anything formal that needs to be done before Mr. Bassett, the auditor, can release for documents? Mr. Centofanti did not think there was.

Motion to adjourn 5:55 (Mazzucco, Yonkers). Unanimous.

Submitted by: Kim Yonkers, Chair

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