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Minutes of Board of Finance, 10/26/2015

AGENDA: Board of Finance

RECEIVED 10/27/2015 3:31pm
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk


Present: Alvarez (Chairman), Clark, DeSalvo, Dolan (7:31 pm), Mazzucco, Yonkers

Also present: Finance Director Gniadek, First Selectman Pemberton, Selectmen Karvelis, Selectman Thompson, Treasurer O’Donnell, Tax Collector Moisio, nine members of the public, a representative of Hello Redding, and the videographer

Chairman Alvarez called the meeting on October 26, 2015 to order at 7:30 pm in the Redding Town Hall.

Motion: move that the Redding Board of Finance approve the minutes of the September 28, 2015 meeting as submitted. DeSalvo, Mazzucco. Approved. Unanimous.

Mr. Dolan arrived, 7:31 pm

Mr. Alvarez noted that this was the last Board of Finance meeting for Frank DeSalvo. He thanked him for his 12 years of service on the Board and his contributions at board meetings. He was presented with a plaque recognizing his years of service on the Board of Finance.

Ms. Moisio reported that, as of today, 53.3% of the budget had been collected, compared with 53.3% last year at the same time. The amount of the Town Benefit Program has been reduced by $33,495 as a result of property sales The ATM machine located near the Tax Collector’s office is out for repairs. Mrs. Moisio was told that the machine usage needs to increase if the machine is to remain in that location.

The new DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) software program, CIVLS (CT Integrated Vehicle & Licensing System) is up and running, but not consistently. Work is ongoing to fix the problems.  A class on the system will be attended on November 12, 2015.

Mr. Gniadek reported the field work for the audit has been completed. He anticipates the draft will be ready mid-November. He will provide copies for the board members prior to the November meeting.

CCM Finance Committee: Mr. Gniadek, a representative of Redding on the Committee expressed the need for a Tier 3 CMERS State Pension plan and an increase in the Prevailing Wage thresholds. These two items will be included on the legislative priority list.

The availability of WIFI access in the Town Hall and the Community Center has been upgraded. This will assure improved signal in these buildings, specifically in the Hearing Room and the RCC Community room. Mr. Gniadek also reported the Cemetery Grant awards will announced in the next two weeks.

GASB68: The fiscal 2015 audit is the first audit that requires the inclusion of the Town’s share of net Pension Liability for the State of CT Pension Plan (CMERS).  The amount, which is allocated based on salaries, is approximately $3.4 million.

The Long Range Financial Planning Committee provided an update for review. For fiscal 2016-17, the funding for the Road Reconstruction and for the Stepney Bridge has already been approved by the voters. In addition to that there is funding requested for Umpawaug Schoolhouse renovation and RCC Pavilion.  There was discussion on why the pavilion project was included since it was rejected by voters on the prior vote. First Selectman Pemberton commented that the Park & Recreation Commission requested it be included, but that request has not been thoroughly vetted by the Board of Selectmen. In addition, there is a potential that remaining funds from the STEAP Grant will provide for correction and improvement of drainage, and could also be sufficient to cover the cost of the pavilion.

The list and cost of the leased vehicles was also reviewed.

The Capital List for the schools was provided. Sara Sobel, Chairman of the Redding Board of Education, commented that the board has not reviewed or discussed the list as yet.

James Miller, representing the WPCC, commented that the Commission is in the process of evaluating the need for a costly repair of a drum screen. It is uncertain at this time whether the repair can be delayed until the next fiscal year. He will provide the necessary information to Mr. Gniadek as soon as it is available.

Before Mrs. O’Donnell gave her report, Mr. Alvarez thanked her for her work as Treasurer. He thanked her for her diligence and her ability to provide information and research as needed.

Treasurer O’Donnell provided a report on the status of funds. Two CDs have come due and were not renewed. She will allow the new Treasurer to decide on the investment.



First Selectman Pemberton presented a formal proclamation in recognition of the work Frank DeSalvo did on the Board of Finance. She expressed her gratitude for his service to the residents of Redding.

Motion: move that the Redding Board of Finance meeting be adjourned. Mazzucco, Yonkers. Approved. Unanimous.

The meeting adjourned at 8:08 pm

Submitted by Mary Maday, Recording Secretary