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Minutes of Board of Selectmen, 02/08/2016

AGENDA: Board of Selectmen

RECEIVED 02/10/2016 3:21pm
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk


Submitted pending approval

The meeting was called to order at 7:34 PM

In attendance:
Selectmen Leon Karvelis, Michael Thompson, and Julia Pemberton.  Also in attendance: Elizabeth Esposito of the Western Connecticut Council of Governments (WestCOG), Chris Burns (Redding Pilot), Town Treasurer Janice Meehan, Chief of Police Doug Fuchs

Discussion of Regional Performance Incentive Grant Proposals for Snow Plowing and GIS
Elizabeth Esposito from the Western CT Council of Governments provided background information on the Regional Performance Incentive Grant proposals for a Regional Snow Plow Study and expansion of the Regional GIS to include former HVCEO municipalities.  The grant will fund a study, managed by WestCOG, examining snow plow routes in participating municipalities to identify more efficient routing of plows where routes overlap in neighboring towns with anticipated cost savings to municipalities. The expansion of Regional GIS will provide new and enhanced imagery to supplement Redding’s existing GIS.  Our images are from 2008.

Motion:  Move that the Board of Selectmen adopt a resolution approving the Regional Performance Incentive Grant Program Proposals for a regional snow plowing study and expansion of the regional GIS.  Karvelis. Thompson.  Approved.  Unanimous.

Discussion of the FY 16-17 Town of Redding operating budget & capital items
The Board of Selectmen discussed reductions to the proposed operating budget for the Town for FY 16-17.  The starting point of discussion for the evening was a proposed budget of $14,229,013, an increase of $68,594 or .48% over the prior year budget.

The Selectmen again reviewed each department’s proposed budget.  Discussion included the cost of the JRMS SRO vs the SSO model at the RES and unknown factors that could mitigate any anticipated cost savings.

The Selectmen discussed the Park and Recreation department’s request for an increase in the equipment line of their budget.  Last year the equipment line for Topstone Park was increased to $8000 to accommodate replacement of deteriorating benches, boats and other Park related items.  This year there is a request for an additional $12000 to fund a skating rink to be located at the Redding Community Center.  It’s a temporary rink that would be assembled and dismantled by Town personnel.  After discussion, the Selectmen recommended a reduction of $4000 in the Park and Recreation Department’s budget request.

The Selectmen discussed the Registrar’s budget.  The request for FY 16-17 represents an increase of 97.7% over the current fiscal year, an additional $40,827.  Some of the requested increase is related to new mandates for training that must be completed by July 1 2017.  After discussion, the Selectmen recommended a reduction in the Registrar’s request by $10,000.

The Board of Selectmen discussed capital requests for FY 16-17 and recommended removing the Pavilion requested by Park and Recreation and instead seeking authorization from the State to incorporate the Pavilion into the STEAP grant for field improvements at the RCC if there are funds remaining after the cost of drainage improvements.  The Selectmen acknowledged that the voters declined to approve funding for the Pavilion last year and that using the grant funds would be the most prudent way to accomplish this improvement under present budgetary constraints. Roughly $340,000 remains in the STEAP grant authorization.

The Selectmen then discussed the budget for maintenance and repair of the Town’s many historic cemeteries.  These are cemeteries that are the property of the Town. The current fiscal year budget is $9000.  Very little has been done over a period of many years beyond mowing the grass.  As a result, many of the historic headstones are badly deteriorated and are delaminating.  Many are beyond repair. The Historical Society and the First Selectmen have already identified funding sources in this fiscal year to begin restoration of the most historically sensitive headstones at the Barlow cemetery on Great Pasture.  An additional $7500 was added to the Town’s proposed budget for FY 16-17 to fund ongoing repairs at the Town’s historic cemeteries.

The Selectmen’s proposed Town Budget for FY 16-17, after $14,000 in recommended reductions and the $7500 addition is $14,222,513, a .44% increase over the prior year of $62,094.

The Selectmen will meet again next Tuesday to finalize a budget proposal for the Board of Finance public Hearing on March 3rd.

Motion: To appoint Jeff Hanson as the Town’s representative to the Housatonic Resources Recovery Authority.  Karvelis, Thompson.  Approved.  Unanimous.

Motion: To appoint David Anderson as full member to Board of Ethics and Andrew Carman as Alternate to the Board of Ethics.  Thompson. Karvelis.  Approved.


Motion: Move to adjourn. Karvelis.  Thompson. Approved.  Unanimous.

The meeting adjourned at 9:44pm

Submitted by,
Julia Pemberton, First Selectman