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Minutes of Board of Selectmen, 10/15/2018

AGENDA: Board of Selectmen

RECEIVED 10/17/2018 9:10am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Board of Selectmen
Monday, October 15, 2018
Town Hall Hearing Room, 7:30 p.m.


Present: Peg O’Donnell, Selectwoman; Michael Thompson, Selectman.

Absent: Julia Pemberton, First Selectwoman

Also present: members of the public; videographers.

1. Call to Order

Michael Thompson called the meeting to order at 7:32 p.m.

On the motion of P. O’Donnell and the second of M. Thompson, the Board voted unanimously to move Item 5, Senior Transportation to Item 3 and to add Executive Session to the end of the Agenda.

2. Approval of Minutes

On the motion of P. O’Donnell and the second of M. Thompson, the Board voted unanimously to approve the 9/17/18 Meeting Minutes.

3. Senior Transportation

Members of the Commission on Aging were present. Mary Dale Lancaster reviewed the status of the current options for senior transportation in addition to programs in use by neighboring towns.

Ms. Lancaster spoke to the need for a survey to ascertain need, in addition to developing a policy for use of the present van and exploring insurance specific to non-profit agencies. The need to make current options available to the public in a booklet or on the town website was discussed. P. O’Donnell noted the importance of finding out what the needs are and surveying community organizations to ascertain their role.

M. Thompson encouraged the formation of a task force and further exploration of a possible survey. Ms. Lancaster will also reach out to Social Services.

Karen DeFriesse of the Commission on Aging, reiterated the need to know what the needs of the Town are.

P. O’Donnell will contact J. Pemberton directly to discuss the formation of a task force.

4. Paving Program & Tree Removal: Jeff Hanson, DPW
a. Review of current 4-year road plan
b. Proposed road plan for 2020-2023
c. Diseased and dying trees: Ash trees & Emerald Ash Borer

Jeff Hanson submitted reports and reviewed the current 5-year road plan and reported that work has been completed on 42 miles of roads. There has been a progress setback due to the spring 2018 tornado. Charlie Hill and Beech Lane will be paved 10/29/18 and pavement will be put down on a section of Poverty Hollow.

The new 4-year plan was reviewed. The bond won’t have to be in place until calendar year 2020 and is projected to be less than half the amount of the previous bond.

The tree budget will be spent after completion of the current scheduled work, projected to be complete by 11/8/18. More than 900 trees have been identified as needing to be cut down. The chopped wood and woodchips will be available to residents free of charge.

Mr. Hanson reported that 64 residents took advantage of free shredding last weekend.

5. Ordinances & Regulations
a. Roaming Ordinance & Redding Zoning Regulation 5.14: Farms, Produce Stands, Animal Operations.
P. O’Donnell summarized the current Roaming Ordinance. Due to litigation, no further action can be taken at this time re: Cross Highway. Dennis Gibbons, 153 Cross Highway, requested that the town vigorously pursue a legal resolution.

b. Recycling Ordinance-deadline for adoption December 2018
Discussion tabled until next meeting.

c. Outdoor wood burning furnaces
Discussion tabled until next meeting.

6. Appointments
Stuart Green-reappointment to Conservation Commission
Susan Robinson-reappointment to Conservation Commission
Town of Redding Co-Historians

Discussion tabled until next meeting.

7. Administrative
a. Meadow Ridge 2017 Tax appeal & letter of engagement.
No additional discussion.

8. Public Comment

No comments.

9. Executive Session

On the motion of P. O’Donnell and the second of M. Thompson, the Board voted unanimously to go into Executive Session with Attorney James Tallberg to discuss pending litigation at 8:36 p.m. The Board came out of Executive Session at 8:54 p.m. Mr. Thompson stated that no vote or other action was taken during Executive Session.

Upon motion by Ms. O’Donnell and seconded by Mr. Thompson, the following Resolution was passed unanimously: Be it resolved that the Town of Redding does hereby provide its consent to the Town’s insurer, CIRMA, to settle the action entitled, Peter Valenti, Jr., et. al. v. Town of Redding, Docket No. CV17-6037282-S, as recommended by Defense Counsel in that action.

On the motion of P. O’Donnell and the second of M. Thompson, the Board voted unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 8:55 p.m.

Submitted by:
Kristi C. Reilly

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