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Minutes of Board of Selectmen, 03/21/2022

AGENDA: Board of Selectmen

RECEIVED 03/24/2022 8:30am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Board of Selectmen Regular Meeting Minutes
March 21, 2022 • 7:30 pm
In Person, Town Hall Hearing Room
Also via Zoom

Present: Julia Pemberton, Peg O’Donnell, Michael Thompson. On Zoom, Jim Olsen (Tighe and Bond), David Pattee and public on Zoom.

Call to order at 7:30 pm

Motion to accept both sets of minutes, first from the Special Meeting on February 22, 2022 and the second set from the Regular Meeting from February 22, 2022. P. O’Donnell. M. Thompson. Unanimous.

Tighe & Bond Director of Quality Control, Jim Olsen: Selected to do the Phase I Environmental Assessment work at the Gilbert & Bennett Wiremill
Jim Olsen gave an overview of Tighe and Bond, a company that is over 100 years old, has over 400 staff in total, 70 of which work in CT. Mr. Olsen has over 20+ years association with the G&B site and over 30+ years experience in CT. He served as a geologist in NY state. The last review of the site was done in the early 2000s where they looked for releases or spills, reviewed records, interviewed tenants and got to know the general issues at the site. With new regulations, there will be more flexibility in dealing with possible and inevitable issues going forward at the site. With the assistance of his colleague Pam Lind, who is a certified LEP (Licensed Environmental Professional) and has over 15 years experience as a project manager will assist in the day to day management of the work, including helping the town write and receive grants, develop RFPs, and work with specialists. As they dig into investigating records from prior work on the site, they hope to fill those gaps with new insight.

The BOS asked about the general process of Phase I. It would include documentation of remediation recommendations, look at current buildings and make structural viability recommendations, take remedial surveys of the site and suggest experts to handle any clean up, demolition and abatement of buildings on the site as well as source funding to do this. This will in turn reveal how to redevelop the site.

Motion made to authorize to execute the contract with Tighe and Bond for Phase I Environmental Assessment pending legal review. M. Thompson. P. O’Donnell. Unanimous.

Motion made to flip item number 6 to number 5 on the agenda. P. O’Donnell. M. Thompson. Unanimous.

Capital Projects Discussion:
Project Priorities: Highway Roof and Town Hall Roof
The Highway roof is over 70 years old. It leaks. It has been patched up year after year but continues to be an issue. The metal framing structure is still in good condition so does not have to be removed. All that needs replacement is the roofing itself with a more durable TPO roofing product. Should last 20-30 years. Would have to go to public hearing.
The Town Hall roof is 24 years old. No leaks yet. Can see fiberglass reinforcement. Single layer of roof. Include in public hearing.

Other things discussed:
–Sprinkler system for another time.
–Ford 250 truck (facilities/RCC), still in good condition to use for now; hold back for the future.
–3 Windows/roof/foundation: we have a few estimates for new windows.
–Design work for the community center. Need to do an actual survey.
–Tennis & Pickleball courts in bad shape.
–The Playground Committee is working on a Trust & Agency account to fundraise for playground additions and updates. Topstone playground could use some LOCIP money.
–Need analysis of community space.
–Road maintenance: reviewed a few roads that will get on the docket this coming year—Turney, Cricklewood, Fire Hill and others.
–2 Bridges: Cross highway, across Little River, is one that needs attention. The railing is rusty.
–Purchase of chipper and roller for Highway
–The Water Pollution Control (Sewer) plant: in need of a crane to lift membranes our of the pods
–Police Dept.: want $165,000 worth of body cameras/software
–Georgetown Streetscape: LOCIP funds?

No action taken on these items.

Legal Notice of Annual Town Budget Meeting:
Motion taken by the BOS to schedule the Annual Town Budget Meeting for April 19, 2022 at 3 pm. Remove vote on budget from the call of the Annual Town Budget Meeting and send to a machine vote. Send letter to Town Clerk with request to do so. P. O’Donnell. M. Thompson. Unanimous.

Discussion: Joining a Health District
Doug Hartline, our current town Health Director, is retiring. We need an alternative to support our health needs in town. We are looking into joining the Aspectuck Health District, which currently includes Easton, Weston and Westport. There would be a regional approach to services, that benefit us. More robust. Shared information to review and ask questions. We would join by June 15, 2022. The cost would be $130,000 per year. There will be a special town meeting in May where the executive director will speak to the town. No action has to be taken at this time.

Discussion about ARPA Working Group
So far the recommendations by the ARPA working group, as of March 17, 2022 are as follows:
–Social Services senior position status (as of April 1, 2022) passed (with one no vote)
–$50,000 Social Services relief fund (COVID related) passed unanimously
–Installation of Dry Hydrant (Fire District 1), not to exceed $160,000, passed (with one no vote)
–Town-wide mailing going out to citizens regarding their input of how funds should be spent
–the group will meet every other week, with a soft deadline of May 31, 2022

No action taken on these items.

Motion: Appoint Julia Pemberton as Full Member & Peggy Palmer as Alternate to the Housatonic Resources Recovery Authority (HRRA). HRRA is the Regional Waste Authority and Redding is a member. P. O’Donnell. M. Thompson. Unanimous.

Motion: Appoint William Rook to the Park and Recreation Commission beginning March 22, 2022 to serve until June 30, 2024. P. O’Donnell. M. Thompson. Unanimous

–Redding Life Care/Meadow Ridge settlement agreement was for $2.65 million (vs. $3 million). Working toward a productive relationship going forward.
–Update on Eversource Scorecard, tree trimming and tree work by the town. 52% reduction of Redding outages due to tree trimming.
–Board of Finance Public Hearing March 22, 2022.
–Economic Development Committee first meeting set for April.
–Gilbert & Bennett Wiremill Advisory Committee will be formed.

Other business

Public Comment
David Pattee (Conservation Commission and WPCC) asked about whether or not the old pine trees by the embankment near the sewer plant would be trimmed. This deserves a call to Eversource.

Motion to adjourn at 9:52 pm. P. O’Donnell. M. Thompson. Unanimous.

Submitted by: Alice Smith

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