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Minutes of Board of Selectmen, 04/21/2014

AGENDA: Board of Selectmen

RECEIVED 04/24/2014 12:24pm
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk


Present: Pemberton, Karvelis, Thompson
Also present: five members of the public, a representative of the Redding Pilot and videographers.

First Selectman Pemberton called the April 21, 2014 meeting to order at 7:3o pm.

Motion: move to approve the minutes of the March 17, 2014 meeting as corrected. Karvelis, Thompson. Approved. Unanimous.
Corrections: page 1, paragraph2 under Discussion of Umpawaug Forest, line 1, delete “that”; page 2, under Other Business, change to read as follows: “Mr. Karvelis suggested the creation of a utilities committee which could be helpful to residents with utilities issues. It would monitor utilities activities in the Town and hold periodic meetings to provide the opportunity for dialogue with residents and an opportunity to discuss future utility planning”.

Motion: move to approve the minutes of the March 24, 2014 meeting as submitted. Thompson, Karvelis Approved. Unanimous.`


a. Roads-4 year plan: Highway Superintendent Hansen stated that the current 3-year Road Reconstruction Project will conclude this year with the completion of work on Poverty Hollow, Mattatuck Trail and Tunxis Trail. He proposed a new 4-year Road Reconstruction project to begin July 1, 2014. Mr. Hansen presented a listing of the roads, which have been grouped by area and need, over the next 4 years. The 4-year package includes 20.1 miles, with an estimated cost of $6,753,300. The cost includes the reclaiming, milling and drainage work to be done. He cited Mountain Road as needing extensive drainage work before the road surface could be repaired. His plan includes doing the drainage work on that road in year 1 and the roadway work in year 2. Discussion of the proposal followed.

Motion: move that the Redding Board of Selectmen approve the 4-Year Plan for the Roadway Repair/Reconstruction Plan (2014-2018), for a total of $6,753,300, and recommend approval to the Board of Finance to determine when and how to finance the project. Karvelis, Thompson. Approved. Unanimous.

b. Police Communication Tower: Mrs. Pemberton reported that the annual inspection of the Communication Tower at the Police Communication Center reported the existing tower is structurally inadequate to support the existing antennas, and recommended replacement. Mrs. Pemberton noted that in the event of an emergency or failure of the tower structure, there is a backup plan, however, the Tower is extremely important to the health and safety of the Town. A proposal for a replacement tower was reviewed. The current tower is a lattice design at 100’. The recommended replacement is for a new tower, slightly above the tree line, about 120’, and a monopole type design, with a cost of about $230,000-$250,000. A more visually acceptable design, a lattice type tower at 120’ is an option, but would be more expensive ($50,000 to $70,000 more). The replacement tower would include up-to-date equipment.

The Communications Tower serves all three of the Fire Districts in Redding and all EMS services. Letters were received from both the Redding Ridge Fire District and the Georgetown Fire District in support of a new Tower.

Mrs. Pemberton noted that the proposal would need to be reviewed by the Planning Commission and may require a Public Hearing. The Board of Selectmen decided to get further information on costs and options, and will discuss the matter at the next meeting.


a. Authorizing Resolution: DOT Senior and Disabled Transportation Grant: The Resolution is for a State Matching Grant Program that covers expenses associated with the Senior Center Van (driver cost and associated maintenance costs), and is renewed each year.

Motion: Move that the Redding Board of Education approve the following resolution at the April 21, 2014 meeting:
Resolved that: Julia Pemberton, First Selectman of the Town of Redding be and hereby is authorized to act on behalf of the Board of Selectmen to enter into an agreement with the State of Connecticut, Department of Transportation, for participation in a State Matching Grant Program for Elderly and Disabled Demand Responsive Transportation. Dated at Redding Connecticut this 21st day of April, 2014. Signed by the Board of Selectmen
Motion by Karvelis, seconded by Thompson. Approved. Unanimous.

b. Redding Ridge Cell Tower Update: Mrs. Pemberton reported that the an Application was filed with the Connecticut Siting Council by Message Center Management and New Cingular Wireless (AT&T). The Siting Council will hold a Public Hearing in June at the Redding Community Center. Mrs. Pemberton noted that a balloon float at 150’ was done, but the float time was abbreviated due to high winds. The Planning Commission has requested an additional balloon float at 150’ and at 120”, and they have requested an additional propagation study for a tower at 105”. The Planning Commission found that the propagation study at 150” provided additional coverage, but the added coverage was minimal and for unpopulated areas.

c. Sign for John Read Middle School: Mike D’Agostino was present representing the school administration. He stated that the school sign was destroyed in a recent storm and he presented the design for a new sign. The replacement sign will be in the same location, will be on a granite post about 6’ tall, and is considered a municipal sign. The sign design complies with all the rules and regulations of the Zoning Department and the Department of Transportation. The school will fund the expense for the sign and the installation.

Motion: move that the Redding Board of Selectmen approve the design for the replacement sign for the John Read Middle School as presented. Karvelis, Thompson. Approved. Unanimous.

d. Incentive Housing Zones update: Mrs. Pemberton reported the Incentive Housing Zone application has been accepted as being eligible, provided the Zoning Commission adopts the regulations and design standards and the Town certifies that adoption. The next step is for the Zoning Commission to schedule a Public Hearing sometime in May.

Fields: Mrs. Pemberton reported that, due to the spring wet weather, the Town’s athletic fields were delayed in opening. She has asked Park & Recreation Director Rob Blick and Commission Chairman Paul Degener to be at the May meeting for a discussion of the athletic fields, the current conditions and the challenges of effective drainage.
Utilities Commission: Mr. Karvelis asked that the concept of a utilities commission be explored at the May meeting. He felt this could provide the opportunity for dialogue with residents and an opportunity to discuss future utility planning

Lonetown Farm Building: Mr. Karvelis reported work on the chimney and foundation is underway. An archeologist from Norwalk College will be on site doing test pits in the cellar prior to the new slab being poured.

Sunday Bow Hunting: Mrs. Pemberton reported on pending legislation to allow bow hunting on private property on Sundays. She noted that a number of former Redding Deer Wardens have testified in Hartford in support of the legislation.

Thank You: Mrs. Pemberton thanked Tom Flagg for his contributions to town government a long time member of the Planning Commission and the Water Pollution Control Commission. She also thanked Gary Miyashiro for his contributions on the Park and Recreation Commission.

James Miller, Middlebrook Pond Road: Regarding the Highway Department Road Project, Mr. Miller asked that the prep work on the drainage be assigned to the Capital Project account rather than the Operating/maintenance accounts. He stressed the importance of attributing all costs for a bonded project to the appropriate accounts.

Motion: move to adjourn the meeting. Thompson, Karvelis. Approved. Unanimous.

The meeting adjourned at 8:38 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Maday, Recording Secretary