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Minutes of Board of Selectmen – Special, 02/18/2014

AGENDA: Board of Selectmen – Special

RECEIVED 02/19/2014 8:30am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk


In attendance: Police Chief Doug Fuchs, Finance Director Steve Gniadek , Janice Meehan, Jen Wastrom, Pam Robey, Kaitlin Bradshaw (Redding Pilot), Ronald Wendshuh, Selectman Michael Thompson, Selectman Leon Karvelis, First Selectman Julia Pemberton

First Selectman Julia Pemberton called the meeting to order at 9:07 am

Discussion on the Town Budget for FY 2014-15 followed.

The Selectmen discussed the method of funding the delta payments for the WPCC. Concern was expressed about funding the delta through the operating budget next year when the town’s unassigned fund balance, the current funding mechanism, is at a very healthy level. Feeling that further discussion with the Board of Finance was necessary, the line item will be left out of the budget submitted to the Board of Finance, with the understanding that the Board of Finance can request that it be included before the budget is finalized.

Representatives from the Mark Twain Library were in attendance to speak in support of the Library’s budget and provide information on the impact reductions to the library budget would have on programs and service to the community. The prior reduction of $13,000 was restored to the Library’s request.

Further reductions ($10,000) were taken from the Police department’s overtime budget and the Contingency line item in the Town budget was reduced.


The Board of Selectmen recommends to the Board of Finance a budget of 13,582,957.00, or a .86% increase over FY 13-14. We further recommend a continuation of the current funding policy for the WPCC delta expense. Thompson, Karvelis. Unanimous.

Public Comment:

Ronald Wendschuh spoke in support of the budget request from the Mark Twain Library.

Motion to adjourn:

Thompson, Karvelis. Unanimous
The meeting was adjourned at 11 am.
Respectfully submitted,

Julia Pemberton