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Minutes of Board of Selectmen Special Meeting, 03/02/2022

AGENDA: Board of Selectmen Special Meeting

RECEIVED 03/24/2022 8:30am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Board of Selectmen Special Meeting Minutes
March 2, 2022 • 6:30 pm
In Person, Town Hall Hearing Room
Also via Zoom

Present: Julia Pemberton, Peg O’Donnell, Michael Thompson. Town Council Steve Stafstrom.
Board of Finance and public on Zoom.

Call to order at 6:34 pm

Executive Session (6:36pm):
–Meadow Ridge Life Care
–Save the Sound
Motion to go into Executive Session. P. O’Donnell. M. Thompson. Unanimous.

Back in session: Redding Life Care
Steve Stafstrom described overpayment of taxes by Redding Life Care/Meadow Ridge. Discussion described appeals over the years. The settlement agreement is the best course for the town. Over the next three fiscal years, the town will provide credits off the tax bills to total $2.65 million, negotiated down from $3 million. Also agreed upon is the 2021 bill reflecting a $92 million value. However, in the next revaluation, Meadow Ridge will be assessed anew in 2022. New start for relationship between Town and Redding Life Care.
Some discussion had amongst BOS. Going through appeals process for a very long time, since 2007. We are in a better position now. M. Thompson shared that the settlement we are presented with gives the town the opportunity to move forward and avoid future litigation because we will work in partnership.

Motion made to authorize the First Selectmen and Town Counsel to execute the settlement as presented during executive session and to make any changes necessary to finalize the draft. M. Thompson. P. O’Donnell. Unanimous.

Discussion and possible action on a request to the Board of Finance for a transfer of funds from the unassigned fund balance for police department overtime (due to covid related & other unavoidable staff absences) and legal services.
J. Pemberton shared documents on her screen describing the financial requests, starting with the legal expenses, then police request for funds. Public will have to vote for unassigned fund transfer.

No motion was made.

Discussion and possible action: Board of Selectmen’s Town budget for FY 22-23
J. Pemberton pulled up screen to go over BOS budget. Summary update attributes to the bottom line. BOS is at 2.27%, up mostly because of salaries, for a total of $364,724. Maybe some possible reductions. Discussion had by BOS. We have to consider inflation. Considered taking the $150,000 and reducing it to $100,000. Waiting on schools for capital needs. Definitely want to get the Town Hall Roof and the back roof at Highway get done the upcoming fiscal year (maybe $160,000—maybe capital non-recurring). Tennis courts can be discussed with BOF. If we continue to have surpluses, the money can go to capital non-recurring. $170,000 FEMA money coming (which goes to general fund). Consider that from 2019-20-21 there were 3 years of flat mill rate. The BOS noted the good work done with the BOE. There was some further discussion about reducing numbers.

Motion: Recommend to the BOF a budget of $15,647,521, an increase of $269,724 representing a 1.75% increase year over year in budget for the town. M. Thompson. P. O’Donnell. Unanimous.

Motion: Appoint Sarah Unfried to the Zoning Board of Appeals as an alternate with her term ending November 18, 2025. P. O’Donnell. M. Thompson. Unanimous.

No Public comment

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No other business

Adjourn at 9:00 pm

Submitted by: Alice Smith


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