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Minutes of Board of Selectmen Special Meeting, 06/11/2018

AGENDA: Board of Selectmen Special Meeting

RECEIVED 06/12/2018 12:40pm
Kathleen R. Miserendino - Redding Deputy Town Clerk

Board of Selectmen Special Meeting
Monday June 11, 2018
Town Hall

The special meeting of the Board of Selectmen was called to order at 7:11 pm

Present: First Selectman Julia Pemberton, Selectman Michael Thompson, Selectman Peg O’Donnell, Colleen Pilato, Dave Pattee, Sandi Fox (Redding Pilot), Susan Winters (Hello Redding), Laura Hoeing, Kim Thompson, Michael Hoffman, William Brown, Jim Miller, Chris Parkin

The First Selectman reported on possible areas for reduction in the Selectmen’s budget for the Town.

  1. Library: reduce the increase in the town grant to the Mark Twain Library of 5% to 2.5%: $12,848
  2. Retirement savings as of May 31st: $40,000
  3. Medical Insurance: $50,000 (additional savings as a result of new carrier)
  4. Road repair/maintenance: $16,000

The Selectmen discussed the reductions and also discussed areas of the town budget that were school related expenses: Debt Service, School Security Officer and School Resource Officer.  With Board of Ed members present in the audience, the Selectmen asked about any upcoming capital projects that would require funding and to please clarify the situation with the well and drinking water at JRMS.

Comments on social media have linked the lack of potable water to inadequate funding.  The lack of water is not a funding issue. Funding has not been sought.  Three wells have been dug over many years at JRMS due to longstanding issues with water.  Solutions are being explored. The current well in use at JRMS has sodium levels that are too high for drinking water. Board member Michael Hoffman gave an update to the Selectmen on the process the Board of Education is pursuing related to the well water.

Debt for RES & JRMS Projects: $1,051,409 (see chart for debt service breakout)
SSO: $25,000
SRO: $85,000

After discussion of possible reductions, the Selectmen declined to reduce the grant to the library or the funds from the road repair maintenance account.  Of the remaining $90,000, the Selectmen discussed the need to restore funding to the Special Legal line that was previously reduced by $50k, or risk an overrun due to anticipated costs of lawsuits recently filed to challenge property revaluations by individual property owners and entities, including Meadow Ridge and the Redding Country Club. The remainder, $40,000 would be used to reduce the FY 18-19 operating budget for the Town.

Motion: Move that the Selectmen restore $50,000 to the Special Legal line item (from 90,000 in savings) and use the remaining $40,000 to reduce the overall operating budget for FY 18-19 to $14,698,761. O’Donnell, Thompson. Approved.  Unanimous.

The meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm

Submitted by:
Julia Pemberton, First Selectman