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Minutes of Board of Selectmen Special Meeting, 02/22/2018

AGENDA: Board of Selectmen Special Meeting

RECEIVED 02/28/2018 8:30am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Board of Selectmen
Special Meeting Minutes
Thursday, February 22, 2018
6:00 PM
Town Hall Hearing Room

Present: Michael Thompson, Julia Pemberton, Margaret O’Donnell, Betsy Higgins

Call to Order
The First Selectman called the meeting to order at 6:04 PM

Discussion and possible action on FY 18-19 Budget
The Selectmen reviewed proposed reductions and other changes to the Board of Selectmen’s operating budget for the Town and discussed what the impact of those reductions/changes might be, if any.

The Selectmen received an update from Betsy Higgins on the proposed budget for the Mark Twain Library for FY 18-19, including the emergency expenditure for the recent boiler failure and subsequent replacement, and the potential impact of that expenditure on the FY 18-19 budget for the Library.

After discussion the following reductions/additions were made to the proposed budget:

Police Department – (239,280)
Legal – ( 50,000)
Social Services PT – ( 27,144) – This position becomes FT (see adds below)
Leased Radios – (165,440)

Police Department – 15,000  (Overtime Budget)
Police Department – 25,000  (School Security Officer)
Social Services FT – 34,164  (36.5 hours)
Benefits for SS FT – 13,666  (at 40%)
Social Svc Grants – 14,000  (Grants serving residents)
Senior Programs – 5,500 (Instructor fees to support increase in revenue Generating programs)

The net total of the reductions/additions is a reduction of -1.76% in the Selectman’s budget proposal ($259,563) from a starting point of 3.2%, for a total FY 18-19 budget proposal of $14,868,487, an increase of $114,972 or 0.78% over FY 17-18.

The largest single item driving the increase this year is an increase in debt service payments, specifically additional principal of $168,494 for capital projects bonded by the town, including school projects at RES and JRMS.

The Selectmen will give a detailed presentation at the March 15 public hearing with explanations for all the above recommendations and they encourage residents to contact them with questions and to express any concerns they may have.

Move that the Selectmen adopt a budget proposal for discussion purposes of $14,868,487, an increase of .78% for FY 18-19, to be presented at the Board of Finance and the public at a meeting on March 15, 2018 at the Redding Community Center. Thompson, O’Donnell. Approved. Unanimous.

Motion to adjourn: Thompson, O’Donnell. Approved. Unanimous

The meeting adjourned at 7:15PM

Submitted by Julia Pemberton, First Selectman

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