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Minutes of Commission on Aging, 04/05/2017

AGENDA: Commission on Aging

RECEIVED 04/10/2017 10:37am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

WEDNESDAY, April 5, 2017

Commission members present:
Beth Wagner – Chair, Karen de Friesse, Jean Whitham, Rosalind Kopfstein, Ingrid Heller, Hilda Rhodes, Lea Mintz, Jean Rexford, Janet Metzger
Angelica Fontanez – Director of Social Services
Ruth Moran – Program Coordinator of Heritage Center

The meeting was called to order at 9:03 a.m.

I. Approval of Minutes from February 2017
Motion: Minutes approved as amended; concerning survey, “Preliminary data suggests the average age of respondents is 77”, delete “47% are 70-79 years old” – unanimous. Rexford, Mintz

II. Director’s Report – Angelica Fontanez
Angelica talked about March’s report. Two new Husky applicants referred by neighbors, 4 new food stamp applications, 19 visits to food pantry, 10 oil requests, 2 gas requests and 5 Eversource applications. Angelica made 4 home visits. There were donations from Church of Christ and the Congregational Church.
Angelica gave further information on the CT renter’s rebate program; must be on Social Security Income or Disability to receive money. The “Alice Enrichment” fund for afterschool activities is starting to reach out to the community and volunteers have put together Easter baskets for Angelica to distribute. The Brunissen Trust has now started to approve applicants but 2 were denied for paperwork snafus. Angelica has also become aware of a second CT van grant to match funds spent over primary CT van grant. Angelica will also be a panelist at the Library showing of the Newtown Documentary.
With regards to possible CT cuts, Jean Rexford suggested the commission write a letter to support the bill funding seniors in their homes; Beth Wagner to speak to Julia Pemberton regarding letter. Jean also informed the commission of 2 online newsletters, CT Mirror and the Health Investigation Team, that were printing timely CT government news.

III. Senior Center Program Report – Ruth Moran
Ruth talked about the March programs. Spanish and Tai Chi are very popular. Ruth is considering another exercise program “Fitness to Fit You” and hopes to interview Garner Lester about this soon.

The special events continue to draw crowds. The “Painted Pots and Planted Bulbs” given by the Bethel VNA was well attended and Bethel VNA will continue to offer more free programs. The backstage tour of the Met was well attended, with special thanks to Jim Lang as patron. The Roger Sherman history talk brought out more people then had signed up. The history lessons will continue with “The Redding Encampment” given by Tony Henderson on 4/19.
Ruth continues, along with her committee, to come up with more programs concerning the end of life conversations. A viewing of “Being Mortal”, a visit to Hospice and a panel of experts discussing care decisions are all being considered.

IV. Other Business:
Beth Wagner asked for volunteers to attend a meeting at the Ridgefield Park & Recreation with others senior commissions. Rosalind Kopfstein and Lea Mintz have tentatively agreed.

Beth also announced her resignation from the board, ending in July.

There was no additional business presented before the Commission; the meeting was adjourned at 10:05 am.

The next COA meeting is scheduled for May 10, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. in the
Heritage Center.

Minutes prepared by Karen de Friesse

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