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Minutes of Commission on Aging, 04/01/2015

AGENDA: Commission on Aging

RECEIVED 03/30/2015 8:30am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk


Commission members: Rosalind Kopfstein, Chairman, Hilda Rhodes, Ingrid Heller, Henry Polio, Lea Mintz

Others present:  Marie Sibilio, Ruth Moran

Mrs. Kopfstein called the April 1, 2015 meeting to order at 9:02 am in the Heritage Center.


Motion: move that the minutes of the meeting of February 4, 2015 be accepted as submitted. Mintz, Rhodes.  Approved.  Unanimous.

Motion: move that the minutes of the non-meeting of March 11, 2015 be accepted as submitted.  Polio, Heller. Approved. 4-0-2.  Mrs. Mintz and Mrs. Rhodes abstained.


Mrs. Schiron was not present for the meeting and no report was provided.


Mrs. Sibilio reported on attendance for classes.  Attendance has been good and most participants are getting used to the advance registration requirement

Mrs. Kopfstein asked if the office was receiving calls regarding the Senior Tax Benefit program.  Mrs. Sibilio noted that calls have not been coming in and that the information from the Tax Assessor had been included in the Newsletter.

A new Genealogy Class has begun. The African program was attended by a few “seniors” and 52 children. Computer classes are being offered for Photoshop and Excel.

Mrs. Moran noted the Health Forum was very helpful, with a variety of speakers & instructors speaking on a variety of topics.  One of the speakers has scheduled an additional session for a workshop on posture.  She is planning a similar type of program for the fall, to prepare seniors for the onset of the holiday activities.

Mrs. Mintz commented that the Newsletter is very nicely done and is very helpful.  Mrs. Moran noted that “Blasts” are usually emailed out each Thursday as a reminder of what programs are coming up.

Mrs. Moran noted that she is also working with the event person at the Mark Twain Library to collaborate on a memoir writing program. She hopes that there will be further collaboration on programs, with the Library making use of the Community Center.

Mr. Polio asked Mrs. Kopfstein if she would be willing to be the moderator for the next Discussion group and highlight “senior” issues.

Mrs. Mintz offered to host the June Commission on Aging at Meadow Ridge for a breakfast meeting and to celebrate Mrs. Kopfstein’s achievements and service as chairman of the commission.


The next meeting is scheduled for May 6, 2015 at 9:00 am in the Community Center.


The Chair adjourned the meeting at 9:30 am.

Submitted by Mary Maday, Recording Secretary