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Minutes of Conservation Commission, 11/20/2018

AGENDA: Conservation Commission

RECEIVED 11/26/2018 1:51pm
Kathleen R. Miserendino - Redding Deputy Town Clerk

Tuesday, November 20, 2018
7:30 p.m. – Old Town House

Present: David Pattee, Chairman; William Hill; Stuart Green; Susan Robinson; Tina Miller.

Absent: Wallace Perlman, William Hill

The Chairman called the meeting to order at 7:34 p.m.

I.   APPROVAL OF MINUTES -Meeting of November 6, 2018
On the motion of S. Robinson and the second of S. Green, the Commission voted unanimously to approve the 11/6/18 Meeting Minutes.


Application #18-08, Bowen Zheng, 315 Black Rock Turnpike. Discussion and possible vote on an application to replace walls and flooring in the kitchen and living room of existing house due to a brook running through the entire property. New septic system location within the regulated area. Site Walk 9/23/18. Discussion 10/2/18.
Mr. Zheng was present along with his parents. New plans were submitted and reviewed. Mr. Zheng stated that he was preparing to remove the existing pipes and his father showed commissioners digital photographs.
Mr. Zheng confirmed that the rear of the house will be abandoned.  New plans will be required if the existing house footprint changes.
A 65-day letter of extension will be submitted by Mr. Zheng.  Once the septic system is approved by Doug Hartline, D. Pattee suggested that the applicant request assistance re: sediment and erosion controls from his septic consultant Mr. Gallagher.

Application #18-10, Julia Pemberton, First Selectman (owner), WMC, Jay Costello (agent). Project location approximately 900 feet south of intersection with Side Cut Road. To receive and discuss an application for rehabilitation of Station Road Bridge over Saugatuck River.
A representative of WMC Consulting Engineers was present.  The proposal was displayed and reviewed.  WMC will review the bids when received and make a recommendation to the town.  The projected construction time is 4-6 months.
Susan Robinson asked if wetland plantings are being proposed for disturbed areas and it was confirmed that general seed mix was planned.
A site walk is scheduled for Sat., 12/1/18 at 9:00 am.  D. Pattee will confirm if the scheduled Long Ridge work is scheduled for the same time period.

Pattee reported that the new statement regarding the prohibition of deer bait will be posted on the town website.
The 2019 meeting schedule has been completed.
Susan Robinson and Dave Pattee reported on their attendance at the CACIWC Annual Meeting.

On the motion of T. Miller and the second of S. Robinson, the Commission voted unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 9:15 p.m.

Submitted by:
Kristi C. Reilly