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Minutes of Conservation Commission, 05/18/2021

AGENDA: Conservation Commission

RECEIVED 05/20/2021 8:30am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Tuesday, May 18, 2021
7:30 p.m. – Via ZOOM

Present via video: David Pattee, Chairman; William Hill; Stuart Green; Claire Matzke; Tina Miller; Susan Robinson, Wallace Perlman at 8:10 p.m.; members of the public.

Also present: Aimee Pardee, Land Use Director; Julia Pemberton, First Selectwoman

The Chairman called the meeting to order at 7:33 p.m.

I. APPROVAL OF MINUTES -Meeting of 5/4/21
-Site Walk Minutes May 11, 2021, Y. Bregman, 5 Umpawaug Road.

Stuart Green motioned and Tina Miller seconded the motion to approve the 5/4/21 Meeting
Minutes. The motion passed unanimously.

Tina Miller motioned and Claire Matzke seconded the motion to approve the 5/11/21 Site Walk Minutes. D. Pattee abstained.


Application #21-05, Yvonne Bregman (owner), Nazzaro, Inc. (agent), 5 Umpawaug Road. Received 5/4/2021. Discussion and possible vote on an application to dredge, restore, and repair existing pond. Site Walk 5/11/2021.

Gene Nazzaro and Yvonne Bregman were present via ZOOM. Site Walk findings were reviewed. Mr. Nazzaro confirmed the timing of the project will be July/August.

Tina Miller motioned and Stuart Green seconded the motion to approve Application #21-05. The motion passed unanimously.

Application #21-06, Ward J. Mazzucco & Tami G. O’Connor, 44 Wood Road. To receive and discuss an application to construct a pavilion with outdoor fireplace within the regulated area.

Mr. Mazzucco was present via ZOOM. Mr. Mazzucco screen shared a drawing and reviewed the proposal. He confirmed the proposed use of an existing propane line for use at the end of the pavilion. The proposed fireplace will be wood burning.
A site walk is scheduled for Sun., 5/23/21 at 9:00 a.m.

Application #21-07, THIRA, LLC, 30 Goodsell Hill Road. To receive and discuss an application to construct single family home and associated site work within the regulated area.

Tom Quinn, Peak Engineers, was present for the applicant. He screen shared the site plan and reviewed the proposal to relocate the property lines and change in scope of the project. The change in property lines will add approximately 5000 square feet.

A site walk is scheduled for Sun., 5/23/21 at 9:30 a.m. Mr. Quinn will stake the corners and proposed outlet locations.


The status at 17 Umpawaug Road was discussed. The Cease-and-Desist Order has been sent and the applicant is required to attend the next meeting. S. Robinson noted the presence of an aerator.

First Selectwoman Pemberton discussed the Gilbert & Bennett dam. Estimates have been received from Tighe & Bond to perform the inspection and emergency action plan.

Re: in-house meetings, J. Pemberton reported that the Executive Order has been extended to July 20, 2021. There is no mandate to return in person, however, Mrs. Pemberton noted the importance of the option for residents to meet with elected officials and desire to return to regular in-person meetings. A hybrid approach is planned and estimates are being solicited to review costs to equip the Town Hall Hearing Room for use as a central hybrid meeting location. At the present time, masks will be required at the Town Hall.

First Selectman Pemberton would like the Commission to consider Ground Pine Sanctuary as a space for off-leash dog walking. S. Green noted that the two-mile space can accommodate 6-7 cars in the parking lot. Seasonal use was discussed as an option due to the presence of protected species in the area.

Stuart Green reported that signs have been posted at Centennial Watershed State Park.

Re: 50 Seventy Acres Road, Land Use Director A. Pardee reported that wetlands have been flagged and per the owner, a survey is still pending.

Per S. Green, there is a delay for large timber to be used on NRVT which will necessitate an extension of the grant.

Susan Robinson asked about the process of beginning the repair of the boardwalk at Lonetown Marsh. J. Pemberton responded that someone needs to shepherd the project. The Commission will discuss options.

Tina Miller motioned and Susan Robinson seconded the motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:18 p.m. The motion passed unanimously.

Submitted by: Kristi C. Reilly

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