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Minutes of Conservation Commission,

AGENDA: Conservation Commission

RECEIVED 08/08/2013 9:25am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk


Present: David Pattee, Chairman; Jeremiah Ross; William Hill; Stuart Green; Joseph Beres; Tina Miller.


Absent: Wallace Perlman


The Chairman called the meeting to order at 7:32 p.m.


I.      APPROVAL OF MINUTES     -Minutes of June 4, 2013


On the motion of J. Ross and the second of T. Miller, the Commission voted to approve the 6/4/13 Meeting Minutes.  S. Green abstained.




Application #13-07, Susan Bowker (owner), James R. Palmer, P.E. (agent), 48 Foundry Road.  To receive and discuss an application for a septic system repair within the regulated area.


Mr. Palmer was present for the applicant.  The proposed septic system repair plan was displayed and reviewed.  A Site Inspection is scheduled for Mon., 8/19/13 at 5:30 p.m.


Mr. Palmer was requested to stake the ends of the proposed septic system location.


Application/Violation #12-02V, Ms. Pamela Davis (owner), Peter Davis (agent), 724 Redding Road.  Earthmoving and deposition of woodchips, split wood, cut logs and branches in and around wetland soils to establish and stabilize property from wetlands.  Site Walk 1/5/13.  Discussion 1/15/13; 2/5/13; 2/19/13; 3/19/13; 4/2/13.  Site Walk 4/14/13.  Discussion 5/7/13; 5/21/13.


No new information or discussion.




Discussion re the direction of the Redding Deer Management Program for 2013.


Chris Siburn and Mike Conroy were present for this discussion.  D. Pattee reviewed the history of the previous Deer Management program and goals for formation of a new program for 2013.  


J. Beres will work with Mr. Siburn and Mr. Conroy to create a draft program that will be reviewed and submitted to N. Ketcham.


Discussion will continue at the next meeting.




D. Pattee reviewed recent activity at Bogus Brook Pond.


Status of trails was updated.


S. Green submitted information on equipment for use on re-routing trails.


On the motion of T. Miller, the Commission voted unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 9:25 p.m.


Submitted by:
Kristi C. Reilly
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