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Minutes of Conservation Commission Site Inspection-130 Topstone Road, 05/09/2020

AGENDA: Conservation Commission Site Inspection-130 Topstone Road

RECEIVED 05/11/2020 3:26pm
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Minutes of Site Inspection

Click here for recording of meeting. Access Password: 0y=6#692 

LOCATION: Roger & Carolyn Lancaster – Application #20 – 06, 130 Topstone Road

DATE: May 9, 2020

TIME: 9:00 AM


D. Pattee (via Zoom)
S. Green
B. Hill
C. Matzke
T. Miller (via Zoom)
W. Perlman

Tom Ryder, LandTech

ALSO PRESENT: A. Pardee, Zoning/Wetlands Officer
1 member of the public (via Zoom)

The Commission entered the property in the location of stakes indicating the proposed driveway entrance, then followed stakes indicating the proposed centerline of the driveway. The location of the proposed dwelling on Lot 1 was reviewed, followed by Lots 2 and 3. The wetlands along the west side of Lots 2 and 3 were observed, as well as the location of the proposed rain gardens.

The site inspection ended at 9:30 am.

Submitted by Aimee Pardee