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Minutes of Conservation Commission Site Inspection, 07/25/2016

AGENDA: Conservation Commission Site Inspection

RECEIVED 07/28/2016 8:52am
Michele R. Grande – Redding Town Clerk

Minutes of Site Inspection

LOCATION:  Cindy & Brian Meehl – Application #16-09, 38 Glen Hill Road
DATE:    July 25, 2016
TIME:     5:30 PM
COMMISSION                                                   APPLICANT
D. Pattee                                                           D. DiVesta
S. Green                                                           A. Dibiase
T. Miller
W. Perlman
S. Robinson                                                             

The Commission began the site inspection in the existing driveway.  All new construction areas had been staked.  The new garage area, the house addition area, and the new driveway area were all inspected.  The proximity to the pond and to the wetlands to the east was noted.  The location for the underground location of the power line was also noted.

 The site inspection ended at 5:45 pm.

 Submitted by David Pattee